State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Extension of the functional capabilities of the subsystem “Biometric control” at all checkpoints for a detailed check at border crossings by citizens from countries with high migration risk (2017-2018)


The project of modernization of the ITS BC “Gart-1” is for introduction of the system of fixation at border crossing points of foreigners biometric data and stateless persons (collection and storage in the accounting and operational databases of digitized fingerprints of persons). This project is directed to the implementation of the Council of National security decision and Ukraine defense from July 10, 2017 “On Strengthening Control over Entry into Ukraine, Exit from Ukraine of Foreigners and Stateless Persons, Adherence to Their Rules of Stay on the Territory of Ukraine,” introduced by the Decree of the President of Ukraine from August 30, 2017, No. 256/2017, by modernizing the components of the central data warehouse of the border control information and telecommunication system`s central subsystem “Gart-1” of the Border Guard Service of Ukraine for the introduction of a system of fixation at border crossing points of biometric data foreigners and stateless persons.


Within the framework of the project, Bancomzvjazok JSC delivered the latest powerful server equipment and special software for processing biometric data (fixing, searching for comparison, displaying of digitized fingerprints) as components of the central subsystem of ITS BC “Gart-1”.

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