Engineering and geodesic projects

State Enterprise State City Design Institute “Mistoproekt”

  • A 1:2000 topographic plan of the Storozhynets city with an area of 2,600 hectares, Chernivtsi region, was created.

Department of Urban Development, Land Management and Communal Property of the Biliaivka City Council

  • Orthophotomaps and a digital model of relief of the Biliaivka city, Maiory village and Povstanske village with the area of 1911.56 ha of Biliaivka united territorial community of Odessa region were created.


  • Engineering and geodetic surveys were carried out within the framework of the project on “Major repair of the local public road O071305 Drahovo-Sokyrnytsia km 0+000-16+500”. The topographic and geodetic works were carried out for road O071305 along the following settlements: Drahovo, Zolotarovo, Danylovo, Krainykovo and Sokyrnytsia of Khust district of Transcarpathian region. As a result of the works performed, a 1:500 Topographic Plan for road O071305 with a total length of 16,500 m was created.

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