2002 – 2005

    The software systems Department was reorganized into:

–          The  Enterprise management system Department specialized in the development, implementation and technical support of software “Oblik” designed to automate the accounting and management accounting of large enterprises and corporations;

    –          The Control and safety systems Department that focuses  on the development, implementation and technical support of the hardware-software  complex “bkc-Cordon”  designed to automate control at border crossing points.
    The Telecommunication Department was separated from The Data communications Department in order to develop and implement telecommunication solutions for corporate clients.
    The Information technologies (IT) Department and The Corporative projects Division were combined into The Analysis and Information systems Department, which developed and launched “MasterDOC” electronic document management system and a software product for municipal centers.
    The status of the official distributor of 10 leading world manufacturers of IT products was received.
    The Construction and Communication Department was established, specialized in the construction of main lines of communication.
    The own mobile solution ARM “Inspector” based on laptop was introduced to speed up the procedure for registration of passengers at checkpoints and mobile duties.
    Two models of passport documents readers with the MRZ zone were developed: BKC PR-01 for stationary applications and BKC PR-02 for mobile applications.
    A mobile solution based on a pocket computer (ARM “Inspector-K”) for passport control of passengers in trains was created.
    The development of the new “e-Inspector” software product started, to adapt full-page passport scanners to the passport control system bkc-Cordon.
    The technological control line was initiated. The main development was the automatic control system (ASC GTS)  “Titan” for monitoring  the condition of structures.
    A line of own production equipment for (ACS GTS) “Titan” was developed: a local hub, multiplexer and slit, and was first installed at Kakhovka HPP.

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