2006 – 2007

    The company moved to its own 6 floors office center at Kyrylivska street, 69V.
    Certification of the measuring electrical laboratory on the basis of the company was completed.
    The status of the official distributor of more than 20 leading world manufacturers of IT products was obtained. The Distribution Department was separated structurally into the independent company BCS Disti Center, which had been one of the 10 best IT distributors in Ukraine for the next 6 years.
    The new mobile AWS “Inspector-K” based on a pocket computer was introduced at all the railway check points.
    The workplaces at international checkpoints were upgraded, which had been already worked on a new platform with system software “e-Inspector”, that allowed to analyze the form of the passport document and its protective elements.
    A stationary hardware-software complex “Condor” for passport control was developed and launched.
    The mobile solution based on a laptop was upgraded; new software product “E-Inspector/P” was created.
    “Universal WebCam” system software for CCTV was created in order to provide effective control and to create a single centralized control panel.
    The automatic system control of vehicle flows “Sprut” was developed and the checkpoints and bails were equipped by system.
    The automatic control system (ACS GTS) “Titan” for monitoring the condition of structures was implemented at Kakhovka HPP.
    The “Patrul-M” mobile transport control system was developed, which was installed on the vehicles of the State traffic policing and provided interaction with the information systems “Gart” during the “green border” control.
    The system “Sprut” for the recognition of state license plates of vehicles was developed.

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