2010 – 2011

    Certification of management system was required in accordance with requirements of ISO 9001: 2001.
    The Data communications Department developed into Radiokonekt, LLC.
    The Enterprise management system Department was reorganized into Institute of Applied Systems and Technologies, LLC.
    The Control and safety systems Department, The Telecommunication Department, The Construction and Communication Department were combined into new The Telecommunication and Special Systems Department.
    A general contract was obtained for the construction of an automated control system for hydraulic structures of 4 Dnipro and Dnistrovskyi cascades HPP, i.e: Kaniv HPP, Dnister HPP, Dnipro hydroelectric power station and Dniprodzerzhynsk HPP.
    The implementation of the automatic control system of structures (ACS) “Titan” on the Dniester PSP started.
    Electronic cards for citizens of Ukraine were developed and implemented and special turnstiles were arranged to speed up the process of registration of passenger traffic at aviation checkpoints.  All airports of Ukraine are equipped with such complexes.
    The ITS  system “Gart-3” was introduced to automate the processes of service on all areas of the Ukrainian border.
    The stationary motor vehicle flow complex “FILIN”, “Autoscan” was created  to control the  high-speed mode and recognize the license plates of vehicles.
    Low-current systems of hypermarket “Kraina” and “Magellan” shopping mall (Kharkiv) were designed, made the installation and setup of.

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