The Telecommunication and Special Systems Department was reorganized into 5 departments:
  • Border Control Systems Department
  • Integrated security systems Department
  • Technological monitoring systems Department
  • Telecommunication systems Department
  • Alternative Energy Sources Department
    The company was  certified to purchase and supply  product groups of dual and special purpose.
    A new model-based mobile software and hardware complex  “Gart-1/P” for passport control was developed, which  based  on Fiat using modern equipment. 16 units were installed for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.
    The e-Gate Innovation Terminal for the automatic identification of individuals produced by Gemalto was integrated in  “bkc-KORDON” system for self-passport control – which was launched in the pilot operation of the Gart-1/P complex in the terminal D in Boryspil aiport.
    The mobile hydrochemical laboratory was developed and implemented for Basin Department of Water Resources. It provides operational response to the facts of accidental pollution and conducts periodic observations on the chemical composition of groundwater and surface water.
    Were automated 5 hydrological stations in Chernivtsi region.
    The automatic control system of structures “Titan” was implemented  at the  Seredniodniprovsk HPP and Ust-Kamenogorsk HPP in Kazakhstan.
    A line of own production equipment was developed for the hydrometeorological monitoring system: level meter, precipitation meter and cable crossing. The equipment was first introduced on 24 meteorological stations for Basin Department of Water Resources.
    The delivery of a portable ultrasonic profile meter for the needs of the hydrometeorological center in Ukraine was carried out. It provides  receiving of high-precision measurement data of water flow parameters.
    For the first time in Ukraine the integration of perimeter alarm system Fibersonics Inc. (USA)  was done on the basis of sensor fiber optic cable and multisensory optical system of dual purpose  for the protection of the state border.

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