Certification of management system was recertified in accordance with requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.
    The “Electronic boarding pass” system was developed and implemented to provide a control of vehicle flows at motor vehicle crossing points.
    Data Processing Center of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine was modernized: the newest powerful server equipment and special software were installed for processing biometric data as components of the central subsystem of the information and telecommunication system of border control “Gart-1”.
    A modular analytical system for flood risk forecasting and assessment “BKC-FloodMonitoring” was developed. The system was implemented on the Prut and Siret Rivers for Basin Department of Water Resources of the Prut and Siret Rivers.
    A complex of works on the arrangement of wells and seismic oscillation registration points  was completed at the Khmelnitsky NPP site.
    Stationary  systems of monitoring of spatial displacement of structures at Kaniv, Dnistrovsk, Dnipro and Dneprodzerzhinsk HPPs  were passed to be operated by  Ukrhydroenergo, PJSC.
    The public warning system  in the event of an emergency was established at 7 settlements of Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.
    The autonomous surveillance towers for the protection of the state border of Ukraine were developed and implemented, which have become a unique solution both for Ukraine and for world practice.
    Telecommunication equipment for Google Data Center (Data Center) was delivered and installed.
    The central support telecommunication network, systems of intellectual video surveillance and access control systems for the Administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine were modernized.
    The development and production of geothermal heat pump Senso 1.03 / 1.04 / 1.05 / 1.06 has been started to provide heat for residential property.

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