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ВП «Науково-технічний центр» ДП НАЕК «Енергоатом»

«Оснащення відео та аудіо обладнанням конференц-залу відділення науково-технічної підтримки».
У рамках проекту здійснено постачання обладнання та виконано монтажні та пусконалагоджувальні роботи з побудови комплексу систем аудіовізуального оснащення конференц-залу відділення науково-технічної підтримки.
Реалізовані підсистеми:
– якісного відображення презентаційних та навчальних матеріалів,
– аудіо конференц-система з можливістю вільного пересування учасників під час презентацій та диспутів;
– професійна акустична система з придушуванням зворотного зв’язку та можливістю підключення додаткових джерел звуку.
Це дозволило вивести проведення навчальних процесів та науково-технічних заходів з актуальних питань атомної енергетики України на якісно вищий рівень.


    • A new version of the hydrometeorological monitoring system software with open access for the population of Ukraine


    for the Basin Department of Water Resources of the Prut and Siret Rivers.
    The telecommunication and network equipment was delivered to Regional structural subdivisions of Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise and also it was integrated into a current corporate network.


    The Department of Secured Transaction Systems was separated into Zakhyshcheni tranzaktsii, LLC, which later would become a part of French company Ingenico.
    A new version of the border control automation mobile complex K.BPT800 for processing (except passport data and biometric data) data of the person (fingerprints, photo faces) was developed and implemented.
    A new version of the on-line registration system of the term of stay of foreigners on the territory of Ukraine was modernized and implemented, i.e: “Hart-1/P PTR_90/180”.
    The central subsystem “bkc-bioID” was created and implemented to ensure on-line processing of requests and verification of persons by biometric data at border crossing points.
    The special software “e-InspectorPro” was upgraded and the functions of support for fingerprint scanners and biometric data verification of the relevant databases were implemented.
    Own fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles was created: Skif Mapper PPK L1/L2 and DJI Inspire 2 and there were implemented a number of projects for the creation of topographic and orthophotomaps land plots using UAVs..
    The Dniester HPS was provided by systems of seismic and seismometric monitoring.
    8 meteorological stations in Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk regions were automated for Basin Department of Water Resources and 3 hydrometeorological stations in the Lviv region for the OSCE.
    The public warning system in the event of an emergency was established in 17 settlements of Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.
    Delivery of acoustic Doppler profilograph for the needs of the hydrometeorological service of Moldova, which provides measurements of water level in the river and its tributaries was done.
    The project “Creation of a comprehensive monitoring system on the territory and objects of the immovable cultural heritage (sights) of the National Reserve “Sofia Kyivska” was developed. The company was marked with a Certificate of Inclusion in the book of sponsors of the National Reserve.
    Sales of solar power stations SENSOLAR and energy audit work on buildings and facilities, heat engineering calculations were begun.
    5 solar power stations and 9 heating systems with heat pumps Senso were constructed.
    The reconstruction of the telecommunication system of the NNEGC “Energoatom” was carried out.


    Certification of management system was recertified in accordance with requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.
    The “Electronic boarding pass” system was developed and implemented to provide a control of vehicle flows at motor vehicle crossing points.
    Data Processing Center of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine was modernized: the newest powerful server equipment and special software were installed for processing biometric data as components of the central subsystem of the information and telecommunication system of border control “Gart-1”.
    A modular analytical system for flood risk forecasting and assessment “BKC-FloodMonitoring” was developed. The system was implemented on the Prut and Siret Rivers for Basin Department of Water Resources of the Prut and Siret Rivers.
    A complex of works on the arrangement of wells and seismic oscillation registration points  was completed at the Khmelnitsky NPP site.
    Stationary  systems of monitoring of spatial displacement of structures at Kaniv, Dnistrovsk, Dnipro and Dneprodzerzhinsk HPPs  were passed to be operated by  Ukrhydroenergo, PJSC.
    The public warning system  in the event of an emergency was established at 7 settlements of Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.
    The autonomous surveillance towers for the protection of the state border of Ukraine were developed and implemented, which have become a unique solution both for Ukraine and for world practice.
    Telecommunication equipment for Google Data Center (Data Center) was delivered and installed.
    The central support telecommunication network, systems of intellectual video surveillance and access control systems for the Administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine were modernized.
    The development and production of geothermal heat pump Senso 1.03 / 1.04 / 1.05 / 1.06 has been started to provide heat for residential property.


    The Telecommunication and Special Systems Department was reorganized into 5 departments:
  • Border Control Systems Department
  • Integrated security systems Department
  • Technological monitoring systems Department
  • Telecommunication systems Department
  • Alternative Energy Sources Department
    The company was  certified to purchase and supply  product groups of dual and special purpose.
    A new model-based mobile software and hardware complex  “Gart-1/P” for passport control was developed, which  based  on Fiat using modern equipment. 16 units were installed for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.
    The e-Gate Innovation Terminal for the automatic identification of individuals produced by Gemalto was integrated in  “bkc-KORDON” system for self-passport control – which was launched in the pilot operation of the Gart-1/P complex in the terminal D in Boryspil aiport.
    The mobile hydrochemical laboratory was developed and implemented for Basin Department of Water Resources. It provides operational response to the facts of accidental pollution and conducts periodic observations on the chemical composition of groundwater and surface water.
    Were automated 5 hydrological stations in Chernivtsi region.
    The automatic control system of structures “Titan” was implemented  at the  Seredniodniprovsk HPP and Ust-Kamenogorsk HPP in Kazakhstan.
    A line of own production equipment was developed for the hydrometeorological monitoring system: level meter, precipitation meter and cable crossing. The equipment was first introduced on 24 meteorological stations for Basin Department of Water Resources.
    The delivery of a portable ultrasonic profile meter for the needs of the hydrometeorological center in Ukraine was carried out. It provides  receiving of high-precision measurement data of water flow parameters.
    For the first time in Ukraine the integration of perimeter alarm system Fibersonics Inc. (USA)  was done on the basis of sensor fiber optic cable and multisensory optical system of dual purpose  for the protection of the state border.


    A mobile software-hardware complex (based on a minibus) for the organization of passport control without territorial bindings for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine was developed for the first time in Ukraine.
    The mobile terminal BPT500M with the new special software “e-InspectorPro”, which is used at the railway checkpoints, was developed for the change of “Inspector-K” workstation.
    The special program  module  providing an access to Interpol database was developed.  A special software module was created to provide access to Interpol databases and an on-line subsystem was launched for checking persons and vehicles  through Interpol databases while crossing the border.
    The automatic control structures state system “Titan” was implemented at Kyiv HPP, Kremenchuk HPP, Dniprovska HPP, Kaniv HPP, Dnister HPP-1. The project was funded by the World Bank.  The Center-level security stations were set up and the Cascade-level security center was equipped also in the framework of the project on the basis of Ukrhydroenergo, PJSC office in Vyshgorod.
    Geothermal heat pump development and testing was began.
    The delivery of equipment in the framework of the European Commission project “Supplying the equipment of  safety and communication for temporary stay  and temporary holding facilities  of illegal migrants in Ukraine” was carried out.
    The project-budget documentation “Technical re-equipment of the automated security complex system of the Banknote Factory, the Mint, the first and  the second regime zones of Bank-note and Mint Court of National Bank of Ukraine” was developed.

2012 – 2013

    “Bkc-KORDON” system was upgraded: new software “Software complex “Security Administrator” was developed to increase the level of security in the processing of information and PTR 90/180 system was developed and implemented to calculate automatically the terms of foreigners’stay in Ukraine.
    A new mobile K.BPT500 device was developed to read information and verify the authenticity of documents in order to identify individuals.
    The system of passport control and video surveillance was built and launched in the new terminal “D” in Boryspil airport and Kyiv airport (Zhuliany) in the framework of the Euro-2012 European Football Championship.
    The introduction of automatic control system of spatial displacements at Kanivska HPS was started to provide continuous monitoring of spatial displacements of drains, dams, bridges, buildings and other structures.
    An automatic hydrometeorological monitoring system was developed and the first hydrological posts were automated in Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil regions for the purpose of automatic monitoring of the hydrological and meteorological situation of the controlled area.
    The automatic seismic monitoring system was implemented at Rivne NPP for automatic instrumental monitoring of the seismic earth’s crust fluctuations of controlled territory objects.
    The automatic control system of structures (ACS GTS) “Titan” was designed and built at Shulbinskaya HPP and Ust-Kamenogorsk HPP in Kazakhstan.
    The complex analysis and information Free Legal Aid Provision System of Coordination Center of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine was implemented in 24 regions in Ukraine, Kyiv, Simferopol and Sevastopol.
    Digital video surveillance systems installation works were done at branches of the bank “ProCredit Bank” throughout Ukraine.

2010 – 2011

    Certification of management system was required in accordance with requirements of ISO 9001: 2001.
    The Data communications Department developed into Radiokonekt, LLC.
    The Enterprise management system Department was reorganized into Institute of Applied Systems and Technologies, LLC.
    The Control and safety systems Department, The Telecommunication Department, The Construction and Communication Department were combined into new The Telecommunication and Special Systems Department.
    A general contract was obtained for the construction of an automated control system for hydraulic structures of 4 Dnipro and Dnistrovskyi cascades HPP, i.e: Kaniv HPP, Dnister HPP, Dnipro hydroelectric power station and Dniprodzerzhynsk HPP.
    The implementation of the automatic control system of structures (ACS) “Titan” on the Dniester PSP started.
    Electronic cards for citizens of Ukraine were developed and implemented and special turnstiles were arranged to speed up the process of registration of passenger traffic at aviation checkpoints.  All airports of Ukraine are equipped with such complexes.
    The ITS  system “Gart-3” was introduced to automate the processes of service on all areas of the Ukrainian border.
    The stationary motor vehicle flow complex “FILIN”, “Autoscan” was created  to control the  high-speed mode and recognize the license plates of vehicles.
    Low-current systems of hypermarket “Kraina” and “Magellan” shopping mall (Kharkiv) were designed, made the installation and setup of.