1994 – 1995

    A structure of 5 branches with own activity direction was built:
  • «PRODTORG» branch – canned fish trade. Later, on the leased equipment of the Galakton plant, a juice line was opened under the trade mark “Smak”.
  • IT branch –selling of   well-known in the early nineties “Apple” computer equipment, which further became the basis for the  Distribution Department establishment.
  • Data communications branch – communication services of the network Х 25, from which the Department of Data Communication and the Department of telecommunication systems were created later.
  • Program systems branch, specializing in the development of software for Unix systems the  first development of which was the software complex “Accounting and control” for corporate accounting and software complex for border passport control.
  • Investment  branch, which later  became a part of  Bancomzvjazok company Banking Systems Department, Ukrcart company, and the Ukrainian Professional Bank.

GKM Consultants, Inc., Canada

GKM Consultants company was founded in 2007.

The company is engaged in equipment and systems for monitoring the buildings state.

In collaboration with Geokon Incorporated, the global leader in vibration technology, and other prominent manufacturers, GKM provides top-notch monitoring services to the mining, civil, energy and environmental sectors in Canada and abroad.

GKM Consultants is internationally known for its expertise in designing, installing and implementing turnkey geotechnical monitoring systems. Has experience in more than 15 countries around the world.

Also GKM Consultants provides a number of geotechnical services, such as installation of devices, hosting and monitoring of data, providing such functionalities as processing and management of alarms and remote data visualization