Organization/implementation of construction works

  • preparation of the object before the work`s beginning;
  • search and selection of subcontractors for specific work (diving, high-rise, bore);
  • drawing up and approval of the works` execution project;
  • obtaining the necessary tolerances, permissions and approvals for construction and installation work;
  • work organization of subcontractors;
  • work coordination of assembly brigades;
  • execution of construction and installation works by own forces;
  • logging of works

Selection, delivery and installation of equipment Development of special software

  • development of the own software for individual needs of the customer;
  • software optimization for the convenience of the end user: changing the interface, adding/removing the necessary modules of the program;
  • provision of a wide range of software operation: collection and initial processing of information, analytical processing of information, forecasting of the subsequent scenario of the development of events;
  • preservation of a primary and listed data;
  • visualization of the results of the software in the most user-friendly form;
  • backup and long-term data storage

Selection, delivery and installation of equipment

  • search for fundamentally new and high-quality equipment capable of solving the task;
  • performing a comparative assessment of all available equipment options with a view to choosing the optimal option;
  • giving preference to high-quality, the accurate and reliable equipment;
  • conducting negotiations with the manufacturer for the purpose of optimization of the characteristics of the equipment;
  • purchase of the primary and secondary equipment, all necessary components and spare parts;
  • provision of the logistic support;
  • development and approval of the equipment installation schemes;
  • installation of equipment with the involvement of subcontractors;
  • preparation and signing of all necessary supporting documentation: installation acts, initial values ​​of equipment, executive diagrams and changes to the project documentation


  • formation and selection of complex, integral, normative, situational approaches to solving the set task;
  • calculation of complexity category of the object in accordance with the current legislation (implementation of projects of any complexity: from СС-1 to СС3);
  • individual designing – the development of all stages (EП, П, Р, РП, РД) and sections of the project;
  • implementation of projects at stages 1, 2 and 3;
  • active work with customer services with the goal of maximizing the project according to the needs of the client;
  • confirmation of compliance with the current norms by the application of the developer certificate;
  • approval of the project documentation with all necessary public services;
  • state expertise passing

Development of technical solution

  • structuring the goals of the project implementation based on the needs of the client;
  • development of the concept of the projected object
  • analysis of possible solutions to the problem;
  • feasibility study of the project;
  • formation of the strategy of the project implementation;
  • calculation of labor costs and terms of project implementation;
  • development of a technical task

Engineering research

  • aerial photography, photogrammetric and cartographic works, hydrological, environmental research;
  • geotechnical control, satellite monitoring of deformation and displacement, assessment and mapping of risks of natural or man-made nature;
  • inspection and certification of water objects, hydrotechnical structures, earthen construction constructions, objects of historical and cultural and reserve fund;
  • visual inspection and photofixation of technical condition of metal and reinforced concrete structures;
  • hydrodynamic modeling and meteorological devices;
  • development of information 3D models for BIM projects;
  • inventory of industrial assets, land management works, urban planning documentation

Object examination

  • analysis of the existing project and the technical documentation;
  • visual inspection;
  • detection of the defects and damage by external signs with carrying out of the necessary measurements;
  • preliminary estimation of the technical condition of the object;
  • analysis of the defects and the damage which have changed the main projects and calculated characteristics of building structures, engineering networks and systems during the period of operation of the facility;
  • detailed measurement of the required geometric parameters of the object, building structures, engineering networks and systems, their elements and nodes;
  • instrumental definition of parameters of defects and damage, as well as their bindings in kind;
  • generalization of information on the technical condition of building structures, networks and systems of the object;
  • issue of a report on the technical inspection of the object