Technical support

  • there are support and consultation of the operating staff after the warranty period has expired;
  • offers modernization and optimization of the system elements’ settings for solving the set tasks when changing initial conditions;
  • technical assistance in case of system malfunctions

Warranty and post-warranty service

  • maintenance of the system in the required volume and with the given frequency;
  • regular diagnostics of the system, making the necessary changes to the working code of the software;
  • consultation of the operating personnel on the work and capabilities of the system as a whole and each constructive element separately;
  • software update to optimize system performance, minimize the occurrence of errors

Project management

  • analysis of problems and needs of the client;
  • definition of the project`s goals and objectives;
  • qualitative planning of each stage of the project and preparation of the timetable for implementation;
  • signing of the agreement with maximum consideration of the client`s wishes;
  • distribution of functional responsibilities and responsibilities among the project team;
  • signing contracts with suppliers and contractors, if necessary;
  • analysis and control of execution (costs, quality, terms) at each stage of implementation;
  • operational management of measures to reduce and prevent risks in the project;
  • management and motivation of the project team;
  • managing changes in the project, if necessary, signing additional agreements with maximum consideration of the client’s wishes;
  • forecasting achievement of project goals;
  • delivery of project results to the client;
  • preparation of the final report on the project and other reporting documentation;
  • documenting and analyzing the experience of implementing this project.

Staff training

  • writing instructions for the operation of special software;
  • writing instructions for the functioning of the system`s structural elements;
  • writing an instruction to carry out regular work on the maintenance of the system
  • description of possible problems and ways of their solution;
  • Training of personnel on the test server and demonstration of equipment samples;
  • issuance of a certificate confirming the qualifications of the operating personnel

Startup and adjustment works

  • verification of the correct installation;
  • installation / commissioning of individual parameters for each type and unit of equipment;
  • removal of the found errors installation;
  • installation of special and general software;
  • writing programs of survey and equipment work;
  • test launch of the system;
  • debugging of the system taking into account peculiarities of the work of primary, secondary and server equipment;
  • delimitation of user rights, restrictions and special access;
  • introduction of the system into exploratory operation;
  • testing of system elements and complex tests of the system as a whole;
  • registration of system startup protocols;
  • putting the system in commercial operation

Author’s supervision during construction

  • departure to the work place of the author of the project;
  • verification of compliance of the performed work with the initial design documentation;
  • agreement or prohibition about the deviation from the initial project;
  • consulting the customer and the contractor on all issues related to the project;
  • making changes or refinement of the project documentation