Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks is a developer of professional carrier-class wireless equipment, that offers a range of products for building radio waves and broadband networks in the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands. It is based on the lines produced, telecommunication operators and corporate customers can build flexible, resilient network barriers for data transmission, voice and video traffic.

Thanks to its high performance, reliable operation, ease of operation and a modest cost of equipment, it has won the trust and well-deserved recognition of consumers. Cambium has released 3.5 million devices over 10 years of production, based on network communications in 150 countries around the world.

GT Line srl

Founded in 1970 in Bologna, Italy, the GT LINE Company has been supplying world-class quality products and solutions for over 40 years to professionals in everyday activities with well-known brands.

The company is widely recognized as a leading manufacturer of intelligent transport solutions derived from hard investment in research and development, as well as the achievement of unique patented solutions and production processes.

Thanks to its three major production facilities strategically located around the world, GT LINE is able to address any requirements for transport solutions for professionals, from humanitarian missions to petroleum plants, to open-minded enthusiasts who climb to the top of the Himalayas.

GT LINE employs highly skilled workers and robotized production facilities in accordance with the ISO 9001 internal certification system with a constant push to improve both manufacturing processes and solutions delivered daily to customers around the world.


NATEKS develops and manufactures a wide range of equipment for telephone and data transmission networks. NATEKS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced communication equipment. The company’s quality management system meets the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001-2011 in the field of communication. NATEKS provides deliveries through a network of partners in more than 20 countries of near and far abroad. NATEKS has extensive experience in the development and production of professional telephony and data transmission equipment and aims to offer consumers the best solutions in each of the market segments.

NATEKS pays special attention to the development of research and to ensure a high scientific and technical level of new developments. The company works closely with leading industry research institutes. Many of the Center’s recommendations lie at the core of the innovative xDSL NATEKS solutions.

NATEKS also develops solutions that use ready-made modules or use blocks from other firms. In these cases, NATEKS guarantees the customer full compliance with the requirements of the required standards and conditions of application, provides testing, adaptation of interfaces, certification. NATEKS bears the full responsibility of the user for the quality of the equipment.


ECI offers networked elastic solutions for service providers, technology services, data centers and cloud environments providers around the world. ECI’s network-based elastic solutions provide an open and secure telecommunication with promising scalability in the future. They are designed taking into account the requirements of today and at the same time have sufficient flexibility to develop tomorrow’s day in accordance with changing needs.

RAD Data Communications

RAD Data Communications is a leading provider of access equipment for the transmission of data traffic and telephony. RAD Data Communications solutions for voice and data transmission meet the requirements of service providers, traditional and alternative operators, corporate users.

The RAD Data Communications equipment combines a wide range of technologies under one roof, including ATM, IP / Ethernet, Frame Relay, TDMoIP, E1 / T1, E3 / T3, broadband data transmission, fiber-optic technologies, voice compression, speed conversion, interfaces and protocols, routing, specialized integrated circuits and integrated management systems.

The range of RAD Data Communications devices is extremely diverse and encompasses many technologies at the same time. New equipment and developments RAD Data Communications reflects business requirements and consumer demands, and is designed to ensure that customers save on existing devices and network solutions.

Zavod KUB-Ukraine

Zavod KUB-Ukraine develops and manufactures advanced products and solutions for engineering systems in telecommunication and electrical engineering. The development of technologies, production of products for production, serial production, in all of this significant assistance was provided by experts from Europe. Due to quality and high standards, the plant’s products are in demand both on the domestic market of Ukraine and abroad.

Odeskabel / Optical systems

The company “Odeskabel – Optical Systems” LLC united in itself the necessary productive resources on the basis of OJSC ” Odeskabel”, as well as the experience of employees who have worked for many years in cooperation with a number of leading Western companies in the field of modern fiber optic systems, bunch “Odeskabel-Optical Systems” is the official partner of the world leader in the production of components for telecommunications company “TYCO ELECTRONICS”, which ensures high technological level of manufactured products and competitive prices.

“Odeskabel-Optical Systems” offers a comprehensive approach to the problems that arise before the construction, or the development of communication lines, proper service during operation. Thus, the supply of linear equipment, installation, installation, installation and maintenance is carried out “from one hand”.


Today, PJSC “Odeskabel” is the largest producer of cable-conductor products in Ukraine and one of the largest in Eastern Europe. Due to its many years of experience, the systematic modernization of equipment and the constant introduction of innovations, the plant has everything necessary for the design and production of state of the art and technological products.

Odessa cable factory specializes in the production of fiber optic cables, LAN cables, power cables and wires, communication cables, special and heating cables. The plant offers the widest range of LAN products under the brand name OС-net, which also includes a range of SC components. The OС-net brand is well-known as the national flagship in this type of product, and solutions based on it fully meet the high requirements of customers for over 15 years.

It is possible to design and manufacture any non-standard cable design at the request of the customer.

The products allow to build a cable infrastructure of any scale and complexity: from data centers and networks of enterprises to residential buildings and offices in the maximum accordance with European and international standards. Confirmation of your confidence in the high reliability and impeccable quality of products will be a 25-year guarantee on SCS OC-net.


CommScope, which is the world’s leading developer and provider of data transmission infrastructure, is a leader in copper and fiber optic structured cable systems (SCS), producing products under the brands NETCONNECT and SYSTIMAX.

In the second half of 2015 CommScope officially acquired the telecommunication, corporate and wireless services of TE Connectivity. Currently, ADC, AMP NETCONNECT and KRONE, which were part of TE Connectivity Enterprise Networks, are part of Commscope.

CommScope combines several legacy products under the CommScope NETCONNECT trademark in 2017. The transition to CommScope NETCONNECT includes components for SCS that were previously released under the AMP NETCONNECT, ADC, TrueNet, and Krone brands.

CommScope Company offers a complete portfolio of network infrastructure solutions that enable corporate customers, regardless of their size, scope and size of the budget allocated to information technology, to use the solutions provided by these technological capabilities and opportunities to increase the efficiency of companies. The SYSTIMAX®, NETCONNECT®, and Uniprise® family of products provide voice, data, and video solutions, as well as intelligent solutions that require unprecedented reliability, optimum energy efficiency and high quality.