14 September 2018

The mobile hydrochemical laboratory


    The danger sometimes is invisible. In the heyday of industry, unfortunately, there is a significant increase of the environment chemical pollution and its danger. Whereas reservoirs and other sources of water are inextricably linked with the environment, there is a potential threat to vital human activity and environment because of surface and subsoil water chemical properties changes. Mostly water pollution is invisible to the human eye and it does not smell, due to the fact that the pollutants dissolve in the water.
    Accidental pollution of subsoil and surface water or its threat requires immediate response, because of the harmful substances in the water and their characteristic spread, sometimes it's only a matter of minutes.
    So that Bancomzvjazok JSC has developed The Mobile hydrochemical laboratory based on the vehicle in order to the prompt response to the facts of accidental pollution or periodic observation the subsoil and surface water chemical composition.
    The Mobile hydrochemical laboratory based on the vehicle is for environmental studies of different rivers and reservoirs. It provides study of water peculiarities according to the State Standards of Ukraine.
Main operating functions:
      • Water sampling according to the requirements of DSTU «General requirements for the sampling of surface and sea waters, ice and precipitation».
      • Determination of the electrochemical parameters of water (pH, oxidation-reduction potential, conductivity, total salt content, dissolved air concentration) using portable devices WTW and Hach-Lange.
      • Determination of the content of suspended matter using portable meters and turbidity analyzers and suspended substances.
      • Determination of the color and content of dissolved in water ions, including COP, by photometric method using portable Hach-Lange spectrophotometers.
      • Samples conservation and transportation.
    The Mobile hydrochemical laboratory based on Fiat Ducato has the next component parts:
  1. Spectrophometer Hach-Lange DR 3900 (1 pc.)
  2. Multimeter WTW Multi 3430 SET G (1 pc.).
  3. Turbidity analyzer (1 pc.).
  4. Laboratory heat block WTW CR 3200(1 pc.).
  5. Electronic digital scale AXIS ADA 520 (1 pc.).
  6. Refrigerator NORD 507-011 (1 pc.).
  7. Generator Centaur KDG -505 EK (1 pc.).
  8. Motorboat BARK VT -330S vs motor 9.8 hp. (1 pc.).
  9. Echo sounderLowrance Elite-7 CHIRP (1 pc.).
  10. Laptop Lenovo Z50-70 (1 pc.).
  11. Set of laboratory dishes.
    Such Mobile hydrochemical laboratory based on the vehicle is successfully used by The Prut and Siret Basin Department of Water Resources.
    The main advantage of the Mobile hydrochemical laboratory is its autonomy. It can move a considerable distance from the main research center and work without additional power source for about 5 hours, which makes this mobile complex indispensable in case of the need for operational water control at the place of pollution.
    The safety of the Ukrainians is a priority task for our company in developing new products and technologies. The Mobile hydrochemical laboratory developed by us enables us to respond promptly to danger directly where it is needed.
    BANCOMZVJAZOK JSC – making your life safer!