12 November 2018

A workshop Innovations in the Biometric Control sphere for Ukraine

    JSC Bancomzvjazok held a workshop «Innovations in the biometric control sphere for Ukraine»  in the framework of participation in the exhibition Bezpeka 2018.
    The event was opened by Eduard Shchuchik, CEO’s Adviser of JSC Bancomzvjazok. The presentation also attended: Grianka Oleksandr, the Director of Border Control Systems Department of JSC Bacomzvjazok, Zaichenko Ivan, CCO of Border Control Systems Department and Konrad Piotrowski, Sales Manager Government Business Unit, French company Gemalto.
    JSC Bancomzvjazok has been developing a passport control solutions for more than 20 years. During his speech, Oleksandr Grianka spoke about the components of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine "Gart-1" informational system, thanks to which the whole process of people passport and transport control is carried out through the border. Our company is constantly upgrading this system and maintaining its ability to work 24/7.
    The system "Gart-1" works at all checkpoints: avia, railway, automobile, etc., and there are more than 2000 workplaces. Every workplace is equipped with software and hardware. On stationary workplaces the company self-design software complex "Condor", is used, and mobile- based – self-design biometric mobile terminal BPT800, for border control without any territorial tie-up - the mobile checkpoints "Gart-1 / P" on the basis of a vehicle.
    Each passport control procedure includes a complex of inspections, from the automatic reading of the MRZ zone in the passport authenticity and document verifying, ending with a cross-check of the biometric passport data (photo, fingerprint, visual passport zone). In just a few seconds the system carries out checks automatically through the databases (including Interpol).
    A new task was faced for JSC Bancomzvjazok in 2017. In accordance with the general strategy of Ukraine's development in the framework of European integration and visa liberalization processes, on July 10, 2017, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine adopted an Order on strengthening control at the border crossing for citizens from migration risk countries (71 countries).
    In an extremely short period of 3 months, the specialists of JSC Bancomzvjazok in cooperation with their colleagues from Gemalto, had developed and launched an automated fingerprint identification system (Civil AFIS) into work. And already on January 1, 2018, the first data on the chek-in passing while crossing border, which included fingerprints, were obtained. The mandatory fixation of biometric data is used in accordance with the list of 71 countries, in particular, Russia, classified in the category of risk according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Other foreigners - on the basis of analysis and risk assessment.
    Since the beginning of the year, the border guards have stopped using of more than 4,000 "problem" documents. Most of them were invalid, or did not belong to the persons who crossed the border using these documents. We can confidently say that this result is our next achievement in the field of solutions development and implementation that make our lives safer!
    In addition, partners of JSC Bancomzvjazok, Gemalto company , presented the latest solutions to identify people who can be implemented in our country.
    Ladislav Brenvasser, instructor for the biometric equipment maintenance and operation, presented the(Criminal AFIS) system for tracking and verifying biometric data of offenders.
    The system supports multimodal matching of fingerprints, palm prints, latent, facial and iris data. The main features of the system are:
    - Accuracy - Most accuracy of latent matching for Image plus Extended feature set;
    - Speed - High-performance system supports large database capacity while maintaining high throughput and fast response time;
    - High Availability - Keeps system highly operational with minimal interruption;
    - Full Service Functionalities - Able to capture, search, and store NIST-compliant fingerprints, palm prints, latents, faces, and irises at 500 or 1000 ppi;
    - Scalable System - Offers a wide range of configurations from small standalone solutions to large scale system configurations;
    - Seamless Interface - Interoperability with local and national ABIS solutions such as FBI NGI, EURODAC, and Prüm;
    - Highly Flexible and Configurable - Supports dynamic business rules, data flow, and operational procedures with fully customized workflows.
    Daniel Derek, a technical and service consultant, has demonstrated the Live Face Identification System ((LFIS)) system for automatic face recognition. LFIS is a video analysis system that automatically recognizes multiple faces simultaneously from live footage or imported footage. This allows individuals to be identified in a dynamic environment. The system also captures several images of each person and compares them to many different reference images. This greatly increases the accuracy of matches and the likelihood of a successful identification.
    With the help of LFIS, faces are captured and matched in roughly 1 second, and any connected desktop PC or mobile devices are notified immediately so you can take action quickly to help prevent a problem before it happens. LFIS also supports multiple faces per frame, 5-50 frames per second and 720p-4K image resolution, ensuring captured images are readable from a wide range of cameras. By utilizing score normalizing algorithms, the software can be utilized to help identify matches from low-quality images.
    Taking into account successful cooperation experience JSC Bancomzvjazok is ready to implement introduced systems in Ukraine together with the French partners.
    "We started to cooperate with Bancomzvjazok three years ago,- Konrad Piotrowski, Sales Manager Government Business Unit, "Gemalto", told diring the presentation. - Last year we helped them to implement a fixing biometric data system for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. The project was difficult, interesting, but with a very short deadline for implementation. The high professionalism of our employees and our colleagues from Bancomzvjazok helped us overcome this difficult challenge."
    JSC Bancomzvjazok - making life safer!