07 December 2018

Pipeline integrity monitoring system from JSC Bancomzvjazok and its partner Fibersonics Inc.

    More than 90% of all oil and gas are transported by main pipelines. Even now when someone says about oil transportation we imagine pipelines. But every year, more and more attention must be paid to our pipelines, because the breakthrough of such a pipe is millions of losses.
    For the protection of various types of pipelines the Integrated Security Systems Department of JSC Bancomzvjazok together with its partner - the American company Fibersonics Inc., offers solutions based on a distributed vibration sensor - Long Ranger ™.
    The system operates on the basis of a distributed fiber-optic cable-based vibration sensor and has a unique ability to detect, locate and classify vibrations caused by external physical influences (threading, tooling, sabotage activity), and at the same time tracking leaks at an early stage throughout the length of the pipelines in real time.
    The technology itself looks as a continuous microphone up to 50 km long. It is designed for control over a very wide range of frequencies: from extremely low (quasi-constant current) - up to 500 kHz. This is, of course, the widest range of frequencies available for any distributed fiber- optic sounding technology.
    Unlike conventional systems operating in the range of up to 2 kHz and at distances of up to 40km., Long Ranger ™ technology can recognize not only something that has happened but also to classify anxiety. This is done by controlling the soil frequency fluctuations and determining the normal environmental conditions.
    So you can not even dig a pipeline to understand the cause of accidents or to prevent a possible dangerous situation. Another important advantage is that the frequency response of the system and the resolution of the location are not diminished with increasing distance, in contrast to the conventional systems of distributed acoustic sensing. It is precisely the definition that will help save time to eliminate possible millions of losses.
    For several years, the system has been undergoing independent field testing on a number of operational pipelines, including a permanent installation in New Jersey, USA. The Long Ranger system has also undergone independent testing on a joint research leak detection program. Today, this system is used in many countries around the world, here are some of them:
    Location Start date Pipeline length
    USA 2011 42 km
    USA 2013 10 km
    Peru 2014 74 km
    Canada 2014 40 km
    Switzerland 2014 18 km
    Mexico 2015 900 km
    United Arab Emirates 2017 72 km
    USA 2016 20 km
    China 2016 16 km
    China 2017 25 km
    China 2017 19 km
    USA 2018 20 km
    Safety pipelines system provides:
  • monitoring of a pipeline extending up to 100 kilometers from one point with the help of two controllers;
  • detection and localization of the incident accurately to within 50 meters;
  • use of the system as a preventive safety device;
  • real-time system work;
  • minimizing the influence of the human factor;
  • use of free fiber-optic cable for data transmission.
    • JSC Bamcomzvjazok are ready to integrate the system for reliable pipelines safety and their contents.
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