15 March 2019

Aerial photography using UAV

створення топографічного плану 1:2000, ортофотоплану та 3D-моделі місцевості для проектування об’єкту будівництва
    Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones have proven themselves as a reliable technology for creating maps, plans, and other geodata products. In autonomous mode, but under the operator`s narrowly control, UAVs can perform various aerial photography options for photo and video production, cartographic production and 3D models, monitoring changes and performing various calculations. To carry out aerial photography, we do not need an aerodrome and a complicated infrastructure associated with it. Our certified UAV pilots are ready to come quickly to any place in Ukraine, adjust to the specifics of the area and objects of research, take into account all possible risks and ensure a guaranteed result.
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    Ортофотоплан 3.5 см
    Orthophotomap 3.5 cm: creation of a topographic plan 1: 2000, orthophotomap and 3D terrain models for designing construction objects
    Hydrodynamic modeling of flood risk
    So what is the benefit of taking pictures with unmanned aerial vehicles?
    • Speed and economy. Aerial photography is still the most productive method of documenting the terrain. Earlier aerial photography was carried out only with the use of large aircraft. This approach was accompanied by certain limitations. It was not economically feasible to perform aerial photography of small objects, and the resolution of images was very dependent on regulatory and technical limitations on the use of airplanes and airspace. The appearance of the drones has changed everything. Whether this is a small town or a construction object or a hydrotechnical building, the drone will take a photo of everything.
    • Detail and completeness. The view from above has always made it possible to evaluate the situation more comprehensively, see the hidden, see changes. Aerial photography using UAVs allows to get images with a resolution less than 1 cm per pixel. Necessary (expedient) detail of shooting is determined by the objectives of the project or area of research. The ability to distinguish the smallest details on the pictures, their automated processing and analysis allows you to create intelligent location data products that describe the terrain and processes that take place on it. Each image pixel can contain critical data about the terrain or object, so our operators are focused on ensuring that the client receives the most detailed and complete view of the terrain. All of our projects are accompanied by field decoding of the results of aerial photography, that is, in addition to the images, we provide our client with a situational plan and a description of the characteristics of points of interest (POIs) that can not be obtained from the air.
    • Quality and safety. The achievement of the expected quality parameters of the final product is based on the operators’ professionalism, UAVs and cameras technical capabilities, adherence to specification and quality control at each stage of the work. Our operators have huge experience not only in aerial photography, but also in geodesy, photogrammetry, mapping and 3D modeling. The project starts with a very careful planning of the shooting routes and their overlap, as these parameters have a marginal impact on the accuracy and final product quality. The best option will be chosen depending on the project objectives, the configuration of the subject, the requirements for the final result, the timing and the expected value. In order to achieve the required accuracy parameters of aerial photography, a plan-altitude binding project is developed that guarantees the necessary reliability of the data and achieve the requirements of the actual instruction and statutory enactments as for the accuracy of the final cartographic products.
    For aerial photography we use professional UAVs and cameras. Using dual-frequency GPS, PPK / RTK technology, large matrix cameras and lenses without distortion and chromatic aberrations, stereoscopic digitization allows you easily meet the requirements for creating topographic plans of 1: 5000 to 1: 1000 and partially 1: 500. The results of aerial photography pass field-control precision of the final products. Compared to an airplane or helicopter, our drones are tiny in size, have no fuel on board, are equipped with a parachute system and duplicate navigation systems, and are not harmful to infrastructure and facilities. All aerial photography works agree with Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise, and our company and operators have permission to work with data relating to the State secrets.
    • Flexibility and integrity. The results of aerial photography are the basis for the production of numerous derivative of geodatabase products that can be used for various areas of professional activity of the client: design, construction, audit and documentation, monitoring of changes, development of land and urban planning documentation, analysis of risks of man-made and natural origin, simulation modeling, investor search and much more. Our method is to focus on the complexity of the solution and flexibility to the needs of the client. To do this, in addition to the collection of the core data set, we offer an expert approach and engagement of leading specialists in the required fields.
    A deep understanding of technology allows us to combine in a single model various data obtained from aerial photography, cartography, laser scanning, bathymetric surveys, geodetic monitoring, geological research and hydrodynamic modeling. The flexibility of technology based on UAVs can complement and improve any project at the expense of quick and inexpensive production of up-to-date, detailed and reliable local data on the facility without any problems with access to it and research-related risks.
    Of course, solutions based on the use of UAVs have some technological limitations. But the drone, like any instrument, will work well in clever hands with a smart head. If there is more efficient technology for your project - we will offer it to you. However, in most cases, if you have a small project and you need a quick and qualitative assessment of the situation on the ground, we will offer a solution for aerial photography on the basis of UAV.
    Directions for using results:
    Orthophotomap, digital relief model, digital terrain model, 3D model, topographical plan, ground plan for general planning, zoning, land use analysis, inventory or audit of community land, customized for investor search for site / object, topsoil for construction project, zone modeling flooding, assessment of landslide or flood risks, situational plans, monitoring of construction, calculation of earthworks, environmental impact assessment, interactive maps, mapping of roads or railways, mapping and risk assessment s for transmission lines, fiber optic design, development and updating evacuation plans, security systems design, evaluation losses (documentation of accidents and a result of natural disasters).
    To order aerial photography, just call: +380 (44) 496 0096 or contact us.