11 April 2019

JSC Bancomzvjazok on the annual conference of the magazine “Networks and Business»

    The conference "SCS. Diagnostics monitoring and control systems and surveillance 2019" took place again in Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and traditionally collected the best manufacturers and distributors of Ukrainian telecommunication market, and also guests from the most of areas of the Ukrainian commercial sector and many state organizations.
    JSC Bancomzvjazok was represented by the specialists of the Telecommunication systems Department, sponsored the contest "The Best SCS Projects 2018" and presented gifts to the winners.
    Contest Nominations:
    • Better optical solutions use in SCS;
    • The best project with the usage of physical monitoring systems;
    • The best cable passages organization in the SCS project;
    • The best SCS campus project ;
    • The best SСS industrial project ;
    • The best SCS project for Bank;
    • The best SCS project for data processing centers (DPC);
    • The best SCS project for business center;
    • The best project of SCS, based on the open office concept;
    • The best project based on the national SCS;
    • The best technical documentation for SCS project;
    СSergey Sidorenkov, Head of SCS Sales Department in Odessakabel, told about new features of OK-NET SCS. Oleg Luchak, head of the sales department for communication cables in Odessakabel, spoke about the European market for LAN cables.
    JSC Bancomzvjazok is the official provider of structured cable systems  3M Volition, Commscope, Odeskabel / OK-NET and KOPOS in Ukraine.