07 December 2015

Bancomzvjazok JSC Transfers 17 Level Gauges for Installation on Automatic Gauging Stations as Part of the Integrated Nationwide Forecasting System for Flood on the Prut and Siret Rivers

In the Department of Technological Monitoring Systems, despite the December month on the calendar and slush outside the window, the busy season continues. On December 1, 2015, the next batch of equipment—17 level gauges of DRU-1/485 developed by Bancomzvjazok JSC—was transferred for installation on automatic gauging stations of the of the Siret and Prut Rivers basins. The main principle of the level gauge operation is the measurement of the hydrostatic pressure exerted by the liquid on the sensor mounting site. The hydrostatic pressure varies in proportion to the depth. The greater the fluid column above the measuring device, the greater the pressure of this fluid on it. Therefore, when the water in the river arrives, the distance from the surface to the sensor increases, and, respectively, the pressure on the sensing element increases, too. The Titan Software collects, transmits, and converts the measured values to real values of the level. Due to this equipment, it is possible to measure fluid levels in open and closed tanks, rivers, and lakes to monitor their water balance. Prior to the delivery of the level gauges, the company's specialists have conducted a series of tests and calibration of this equipment, and the certificates of conformity have been obtained.