11 March 2019

JSC “Bancomzvjazok” offers privacy filters for your screens

    How to protect information on your screen?
    We have recently published news about modern means of communication and automation, which talked about privacy filters for information security on the screen. After that, a lot of questions were addressed to us on this topic, so we will tell more details about these.
    According to statistics, company’s average loss from theft of information from the screens is about $ 4 million.At the same time, less than 20% of people use the means of data protection on the screen.
    So what about those who want to keep the information in their company confidential?
    This filter protects your information from scratching and keeps safe your intellectual property. Information protection filters (or, as they are called a screen privacy filter) are with the innovative technology 3M "black out". Thanks to the filter, the information which is overlooked the at right angles is displayed qualitatively, but if somebody tries to see information at an angle of 30 degrees or more, the screen looks darkened, and the person will not be able to see what you are viewing. Thus, the filter serves as a visual protection and allows you to keep the confidentiality of information displayed on the screen.
    It is quite easily to use the filter itself - just stick it like a protective filter from scratches. There are special filters on different screens of laptops and monitors.
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