07 December 2015

Bancomzvjazok JSC — a Participant of the Systems of Guaranteed Power Supply and Automation Conference

On November 26, the Fourth Industrial Electrotechnical Conference “Systems of Guaranteed Power Supply and Automation” has successfully passed in the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. At this event, Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers have presented their solutions and latest innovations in the following technological blocks: solutions for energy, lightning protection systems, and electrical equipment. A great interest among the participants of the conference was evoked by the presentation of Denis Zahorovskyi, an engineer of the Monitoring Systems, who spoke about the experience of implementing the seismic monitoring system of Ukraine's energy facilities “bkc-Seismo”. To date, the system has already been implemented and successfully operates at the Rivne NPP. The purpose of “bkc-Seismo” is to increase the safety of energy facilities and reduce the risk of emergencies. The seismic monitoring systems allow conducting an operational assessment of the operational state of structures and their safety. The main tasks of seismological monitoring are:
  • obtaining more complete information on the nature and intensity of seismic manifestations at distant approaches to the building, transforming the main parameters of the earthquake as it approaches the construction;
  • registration and localization of near and local earthquakes, with small magnitudes within the monitoring system;
  • a collection of information on the seismic setting of the site and the dynamics of seismicity in seismically active zones that determine the level of seismic hazard of the facility;
  • transfer of information to the database of engineering-seismometric complexes.
Bancomzvjazok JSC together with the Institute of Geophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, within the framework of the comprehensive program for improving the safety of nuclear power plant units approved by the CMU, has developed and implemented a seismic monitoring system at the Rivne NPP. This is the newest technology for Ukrainian NPPs to fixing the earth crust vibrations. The system has been launched in November 2013 and has been completed in May 2015. At the moment, the system's projects have been approved at Dniester Pumped Storage Power Plant and construction work is under way at the Khmelnytskyi Nuclear Power Plant.