13 November 2018

“Bancomzvjazok” took part in the exhibition of modern communication and automation equipment

    On November 8, 2018, JSC "Bancomzvjazok" took part in the exhibition of modern communication and automation equipment, which took place at the Military institute of telecommunications and informatization named after Heroes of Krut in the framework of the XІth Scientific and Practical Conference "Priority Areas for the Development of Telecommunication Systems and Networks of Special appointment. Application of units, complexes, communication facilities and automation in the United Force."
    The event was attended by the representatives of the structural units of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military high schools and other military formations, scientists, researchers, industry representatives, manufacturers of modern telecommunication equipment.
    Together with the partner company presented modern developments in the field of telecommunications and radio communications, among which: equipment for copper and optical cable networks, switching panels, connectors, telecommunication and electric couplings, track finders, markers of tracks, and other telecommunication and electrical products.
    Considerable attention was paid to fiber-optic couplings and mechanical connectors of Fibrlok fibers, as well as optical NPC-connectors.
    The features of work on the connection of optical fibers using mechanical connection methods are shown, as well as demonstrated by the military, as is practiced in field conditions.
    Among the new products was demonstrated device for the search and marking of underground communications 3M ™ Dynatel ™.
    Track and Marker searching devices 3M ™ Dynatel™ - this is a reliable high-precision equipment that allows you to quickly and efficiently perform tracking as communication cables, as well as electrical, fiber-optic and other underground tracks, as well as locating damage, marking and programming of track markers.
    In addition, there were demonstrated screen privacy filters with innovation technology 3M "black out". Thanks to the filter, the information at right angles to the view is displayed qualitatively, and at an angle of 30 degrees or more - the screen looks dark and the person next to it will not be able to see what you are watching. Thus, the filter performs the functions of visual protection, and allows you to keep the information that is displayed on the screen confidential.
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