23 November 2015

Bancomzvjazok JSC will realize the First Delivery of Equipment for the Integrated Nationwide Forecasting System for Flood on the Prut and Siret Rivers

Within the framework of the joint Ukraine-Romania-Republic of Moldova 2007-2013 Program, a comprehensive system of national flood control monitoring on the rivers of Siret and Prut has been launched. Thanks to the efforts of these countries and the financial support of the European Union, our company implements a comprehensive flood control system to minimize human losses and property damage from flood in the basins of these rivers. At the moment, we are pleased to announce the first dispatch of a batch of precipitation gauges—our own innovative development of the Department of Technological Monitoring Systems of Bancomzvjazok JSC. The principle of operation is based on counting the number of oscillations of a measuring element of the Weights-type per unit time. Oscillations occur from the successive filling of calibrated bowls with atmospheric precipitation (rain, snow) and their subsequent overturning. Transfer and recalculation of the measured values obtained is carried out with the help of the special Titan Software, which is also developed by the Bancomzvjazok Company. Before delivery, all devices should be tested and calibrated. Appropriate licensing documentation has also been obtained. In the coming week, the precipitation gauges will be mounted on automatic gauging stations in Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi Regions. This solution will greatly facilitate the work of the hydrometeorological center and the agency of water resources. After that, a level gauge batch will be delivered, and by the end of 2015, 5 cable crossings will be installed. In the future, this equipment will be used to fill the actual hydrological data of the geographic information system for preventing and protecting populations from floods in the upper basins of the Prut and Siret Rivers.