05 July 2018

The TITAN Automated Hydraulic Facilities Condition Monitoring System

Constant monitoring and analysis of the condition of buildings and structures is necessary for their continuous and safe operation. During the life cycle, facilities are exposed to a number of factors of natural and man-caused origin that affect their condition. Thus, the operational reliability and management of buildings, their safety and lifetime directly depend on the complexity of approaches to monitoring, analysis of the condition, and timely repair or restoration. Moreover, timely detection of deviations from permissible and maximum allowable norms of parameters helps to prevent emergencies and ensure the effective functioning.

The own development of the Ukrainian Bancomzvjazok Company—the TITAN Automatic Control System (ACS) of the State of the Buildings is designed for automatic measurement of parameters characterizing the state of buildings and overdesigns and increased responsibility (tunnels, bridges, hydrotechnical buildings of HEPs, PSPPs, and NPPs, high-rise buildings, mines, etc.), processing, storage, and visualization of measurement results, as well as alerting operating personnel, when detecting a deviation of the monitored parameters from the norms or the maximum allowable norms.

Specialists of Bancomzvjazok JSC have developed the TITAN ACS as a classical multi-level information system:

Level I – a complex of analog and digital sensors for monitoring parameters, such as: deformation, displacement, relative displacement and movement, slope of structures and structural elements, water pressure, distance, indicators of meteorological situation and a number of other parameters.

Level II – a multiplexing of the analog signals received of control equipment to reduce the number of digital information channels and, as a result, to optimize the cost of the system.

Level III – a digitization of analog signals and storage of test equipment results in the memory of local data concentrators and their subsequent transfer to the central processing unit.

Level IV – the accumulation and storage of data transmitted by local concentrators, with their subsequent recalculation into physical quantities, storage in databases, and processing.

The data stored on the central server is available for visualization and analysis on the workstations in the TITAN ACS, as well as for further processing in other information systems.

The TITAN system has been installed and used at 10 sites in Ukraine (Beskidy Tunnel, Middle Dnieper HEP, Kaniv HEP, Kakhovka HEP, Dnieper HEP, Dniester PSPP, Kremenchuk HEP, Dniester HEP-1, Kiev HEP, and SC Nikolsky) and at 2 facilities in the Republic of Kazakhstan (Ust-Kamenogorsk HEP and Shulbinsk HEP).

Since 2002, the following facilities have been installed in the TITAN automated systems:

  • 6,453 analog sensors;
  • 9 meteorological stations;
  • 461 multiplexer;
  • 129 local concentrators.