20 July 2018

Hydrometeorological Monitoring

Global climate change is one of the main contemporary problems of mankind. Ukraine also feels the effects of climate change: only over the past 20 years, the average annual temperature has increased by 0.8°C and the average temperature in January and February – by 1-2°C. The change in average temperature led to changes in the rhythm of seasonal phenomena: the beginning of flowering, spring floods, and snowfall. Due to climate change, the weather conditions in Ukraine are getting stricter as a whole.

Droughts, floods, and forest fires occur more often, and their destructive nature is increasing. New climatic conditions have a direct impact on the economy of Ukraine, the safety of its citizens and infrastructure.

The development and implementation of a plan of measures for adaptation to climate change will reduce damage and take advantage of opportunities. The development of such measures is impossible without careful and reliable monitoring of the hydrometeorological situation and predicting its consequences.

Considering the large number of mountain rivers, especially in the Western region—the most flood-prone region of Ukraine, as well as their proximity to localities and the dependence of energy-generating and agrarian enterprises on them, a hydrometeorological monitoring is an extremely important component of the climate monitoring system.

In order to carry out operational on-line monitoring on key indicators such as water level and precipitation, the specialists of the Bancomzvjazok JSC have developed an automated hydraulic equipment condition monitoring system.

The system helps to monitor the status of the following indicators:

  • water level and dynamics of its change;
  • water temperature;
  • air temperature;
  • atmospheric pressure;
  • relative humidity;
  • precipitation;
  • measurement of flow velocity, both on the surface and at a given depth.

At the moment, our specialists have installed hydrometeorological posts in the basins of the following rivers:

  • in the Dniester River basin—5 posts,
  • in the Siret River basin—8 posts,
  • in the Prut River basin—27 posts.

As part of the EAST AVERT MIS ETC 966 international project to prevent and protect against freshets, modern monitoring systems with the use of measuring devices exclusively developed and manufactured by Bancomzvjazok JSC were introduced.

Information on on-line monitoring of measurement indicators is open for access and updated every hour: http://buvr.bkc.com.ua/map. If the water level approaches the critical level, the system changes the color of the hydrometeorological post in accordance with the hazard level.

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