29 May 2019

Innovations CommScope – for the development of your network

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    New technologies, applications, devices and standards - all these make the network continually evolve, and as in any evolution, survival depends on flexibility and productivity, without the right for mistake.
    Your network is too important to trust its work on an unverified cabling system. After all, a network failure can endanger all your work and cause to millions dollars damage!
    Leading organizations and businesses all over the world are well aware of the CommScope brand. JSC "Bancomzvjazok" is the official distributor of CommScope products in Ukraine.
    CommScope Company offers complex solutions for designing, building and operating cable infrastructure covering all areas of the network: from connecting workplaces, Wi-Fi access points, IP cameras and other devices to SCS and high-performance core of the Data Center.
    The basis of these solutions is high-performance copper and optical components, and automated infrastructure management system that provides convenient interfaces for monitoring and network management.
    The CommScope solution is:
    • high-performance copper and optical solutions;
    • high-capacity switching panels;
    • pre-tiled cable products for data centers;
    • convenient tools for designing and planning;
    • intelligent tools of automatic control;
    • warranty, global service, support and training.
    The physical level of the network should be ready not only to present, but also to future requirements. The lifetime of a cable infrastructure is usually much greater than that of active equipment. Often SCS "is experiencing" the change of two or three generations of network equipment, and sometimes a change in the network construction paradigm.
    With the increasing number of applications using the network, its reliability increasingly affects the functioning of production and business processes. One modern server is capable of supporting the simultaneous operation of dozens of critical applications, dozens of Wi-Fi users can depend on the operation of one access point connection channel, etc.
    Even one small problem in the operation of the network infrastructure can seriously affect the work of the company. And the impact of this is fraught with serious financial losses. The IT task is to prevent this.
    Since JSC "Bancomzvjazok" is the official distributor of CommScope in Ukraine, you can buy its products from us. To view the Product Catalog, click on the link.
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