15 November 2019

Innovation decisions in marking underground networks

    Before starting to conduct agrarian work, there is a strong necessity to examine local grounds in order to not damage networks, that are situated in the area. It helps to avoid potential break downs.
    Today there are a few ways of tracing network. However, none of them can fulfill the aim perfectly. Maps are outdated or discomposed, while distinctive signs can be damaged. Other GPS-navigators won’t be able to give a quick result, because their data were registered by different people in different periods of time.
    In order to avoid these problems in many European countries, also in the USA and Kazakhstan, electronic marking is a mandatory to use.
    3M develops technology, that is able to detect a network accurately.
    During building or repairing works, a marker Scotchmark is attached to a network. The marker is a little sphere, that can express signals on appropriate frequency. If a worker needs to find the network, he or she will scan the needed location, using a special device. This device, also, produces signals, which recall in markers appropriate luctuation. In this way the device determines the location of the marker and the network, accordantly.
    You don’t need to be a professionalist to handle device properly. Thanks to digital indication and pushbutton management, it’s appears to be easy to control the device, understand shown indications and determine the location of the marker. The device represents results in numerical and graphic forms. Besides, the system of the device saves settings and indications from the last usage.
    This device is called the tracer 2573E-ID, 3M Dynatel. Except of detection of the network, it, also, can:
    • trace cable networks;
    • trace metal pipes;
    • detect damages of cable networks;
    • measure, how deep pipes, cables and probes are situated;
    • trace markers;
    • read information and record it on markers by 3M company;
    • connect with GPS devices in order to create accurate maps of underground structures.
    • To order the device, please, call specialists of
The Department of Telecommunication Systems
    by the number +380(44) 492-38-26.
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