27 November 2014

Computers “in Green Shoulder Straps”

    Bancomzvjazok JSC implements new design solutions for processing information about human biometric data.
    The high-tech Ukrainian Bancomzvjazok Company creates effective integrated information management solutions for corporate clients. For many years, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has been one of such clients. The cooperation began in 1995, when the company has embarked on developing and deploying Gart-1/P software complexes designed to strengthen and speed up border control at the fixed border crossing points and beyond. At the moment, 250 checkpoints are equipped with such complexes, which operate around the clock in a single information space of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.
    Since 2008, Bancomzvjazok JSC has been implementing new design solutions based on modern technologies to provide processing of information about human biometric data.
    The latest development in this area is the ВРТ 500М portable computer terminal, which was presented by its creators in November this year at the prestigious international exhibition “Cartes 2014 (Safe Communication Technologies)”. The Ukrainian development worthily looked among 450 exhibitors from 149 countries. This is evidenced by high assessments of experts in the field of security control from the United States, Britain, Germany, India, Indonesia, and other countries.
    ВРТ 500М is a compact device designed for fast and effective automatic reading and authentication of documents for the identification of persons when crossing the state border. From its predecessors, the development of the new generation is distinguished by a significantly increased memory and battery capacity, high processing speed, and, of course, compactness. The terminal also received a number of new functions: fingerprint scanning, photofixation, wireless Wi-Fi network, GPS, GSM-module.
    The novelty is a portable computer that combines the functions of three types of readers: MRZ machine readout zone reader, RFID reader of contactless identification chips, and biometric fingerprint scanner.
    The main purpose of the new portable terminal is the optimization and automation of passport control and fixing of biometric data of persons crossing checkpoints on the state border. However, its configuration can vary considerably. In other words, it is a universal device with a wide range of applications in such areas as energy, industry, medical institutions, banks, hotels, government agencies—wherever identification is needed.
    Nataliia Tarasenko, Director of the Department of Telecommunications and Special Systems of Bancomzvjazok JSC, believes that successful participation in an international exhibition of this scale is a significant event for the company, as well as indisputable proof of the competitiveness of Ukrainian developments, and the high professionalism of Ukrainian specialists.
    Olexandr Artemenko