25 June 2018

Bancomzvjazok JSC Became a Distributor of the SCS OK-NET (Odeskabel)

Odeskabel, PJSC, announces the start of sales of the structured cabling system (SCS) OK-NET, and Bancomzvjazok JSC is the distributor of the SCS OK-NET of Odeskabel, PJSC since June 1, 2018!

Today Odeskabel, PJSC, is the largest manufacturer of cabling and wiring products in Ukraine and one of the largest ones in Eastern Europe. Through the long-term experience of work, the planned modernization of equipment, and the continuous introduction of innovations, the plant is fully equipped for the design and production of modern and technological products.

The Odessa Cable Plant specializes in the manufacture of fiber optic cables, LAN cables, power cables and wires, communication cables, special and heating cables. The plant offers a wide range of LAN products under the OK-net trademark, which also includes a range of SCS components. The OK-net brand is well-known as a domestic leader in this kind of products, and solutions based on it completely satisfy the high demands of customers for more than 15 years.

It is possible to design and manufacture any non-standard cable design at the customer's request.

The products allow building a cable infrastructure of any scale and complexity: from data centers and networks of enterprises to residential buildings and offices in maximum compliance with European and international standards. Confirmation of your confidence in high reliability and irreproachable quality of products will be a 25-year warranty on the OK-net SCS.

All components of the OK-NET SCS are already available to order:

  • cable
  • modules
  • sockets
  • switches (patch panels)
  • patch cords
  • connectors
  • tools, etc.

Also, we inform you about the start of training courses on the OK-NET SCS. The companies successfully completed the training courses on SCS, will receive the Certificate of the OK-NET SCS Installer, which allows to provide a 25-year-old system warranty on the SCS of Odeskabel, PJSC.

Certified installers are also provided with additional discount privileges when purchasing components.

For training, certification, registration of projects, availability and purchase of the SCS components, contact the Telecommunications Department / SCS Department: telecom@bkc.com.ua