03 July 2017

The Bancomzvjazok Company Presents an Integrated Security System for AIC at the AGRO-2017 International Exhibition

    The Agro-2017 Exhibition – one of the largest agro-industrial exhibitions in Ukraine and Eastern Europe – presents an effective platform for demonstrating the latest innovations and improvements for all spheres of the agro-industrial complex.
    Within the framework of the Exhibition, the Bancomzvjazok Company has presented the integrated security system of its own design.
    Total losses of companies of the agro-industrial complex from thefts of their property from warehouses and crops from the fields annually make up hundreds of millions of UAH. The integrated security system provides timely detection of unauthorized intrusion attempts and, with the help of unique technical solutions, is able to localize violations with an accuracy of 20 m along the perimeter of 50 km.
    The integrated security system consists of the following subsystems:
    - Intelligent video surveillance systems of the perimeter, territory, and constructions of the facility
    - Perimeter security systems (touch sensor technology)
    - Access control and monitoring systems
    - Intrusion alarm systems:
  • security alarm of premises and structures
  • perimeter security lighting.
    The work of one of the elements of the integrated security system—a camcorder with infrared lighting—has been demonstrated on the stand of the Bancomzvjazok Company. The characteristics of the camcorder and laser infrared lighting allow you to watch around the clock in automatic or manual modes. Due to the functionality of video analytics, the errors of the “human factor” are almost completely eliminated.
    The integrated security system of the Bancomzvjazok Company is a reliable and more economical solution for the safety organization of the AIC facilities. The solution is flexible and scalable, and it can be adapted to any customer requirements.
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