The Bancomzvjazok Company Became a Distributor of Equipment for the AEG Solar Electric Generation Stations in Ukraine

Today, the profitability of solar electric generation stations has already convinced thousands of Ukrainians, and the number of people who think about their acquisition, is growing daily.

Usually, the priority in choosing solar power plants is the price-quality ratio of the main components: solar panels and inverters. These criteria directly impact the generation of electricity and the durability of the station, and hence, the income received by its owner.

In an effort to offer our customers quality equipment at an affordable price, the Bancomzvjazok Company has signed a distribution agreement for the supply of equipment for the Solar Electric Generation Stations of the German AEG Company.

In the field of alternative energy sources, AEG offers: single-crystal and polycrystalline solar panels for a different number of elements, single-phase and three-phase inverters, as well as a unique monitoring system with a web-portal for “smart” control and management of a solar electric generation station.

The web-portal shows and analyzes all incoming data, thereby, with its help, you can not only fully control the solar electric generation station as a whole, but also see the performance of each individual module of it, wherever you are. In the event of a failure, you will receive clear recommendations on what needs to be corrected.

The official distribution of equipment for the AEG solar electric generation stations has been presented in Ukraine for the first time. We are working to ensure that every Ukrainian is able to acquire truly German quality at an affordable price.


“The AEG solar panels and inverters are of high quality, reliability, and durability. At the same time, their price is commensurate with many of the market offers that exist today,”

Inna Romanyuk, Director of the Department of Alternative Energy Sources of Bancomzvjazok JSC.

AEG is a German company, founded in 1887. The brand AEG combines the production of industrial electrical equipment, power tools, household appliances and electronics, climatic and water heating equipment, equipment for contact welding, etc. The registered trademark AEG is used under the license of AB Electrolux.


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