18 December 2018

English quality in the solutions of the Ukrainian company

    We are glad to announce that JSC Bancomzvjazok has become an exclusive partner of Güralp Systems Ltd.
    Güralp Systems Ltd. - the world's leading supplier of instrumentation and seismic monitoring solutions
    Taking into account the 25-year experience of JSC Bancomzvjazok in the information technology field, many implemented projects in the technological monitoring field, the result of close cooperation with the British company Güralp Systems Ltd is the provision of our company's status as an exclusive partner.
    "We are very pleased to become the exclusive partner of Güralp in Ukraine. We are sure that partnership with the world's leading manufacturer of broadband measuring instruments and monitoring systems will open up new horizons so that can provide our customers with high quality, reliable solutions from Güralp. Since the main goal of our company is “Making your life safer”, we are confident that in cooperation with Güralp we will do just that!” said Mykola Kurhan, Director of Technological Monitoring Systems Department
    of Bancomzvjazok.
    Therefore, English quality solutions for seismic monitoring is already available on the Ukrainian market.
    JSC Bancomzvjazok – making life safer!