01 February 2019

Company “Bancomzvjazok” has become the official distributor of KOPOS KOLÍN

    We are glad to inform you that Bancomzvjazok JSC became the official distributor of the products of the company DP KOPOS ELEKTRO.
    DP KOPOS ELEKTRO – is a subsidiary of the well-known Czech manufacturer of wiring products KOPOS KOLÍN a.s. KOPOS KOLÍN a.s. is a leading manufacturer of wiring products with almost 100 years of tradition. At present, the product portfolio has more than 5,000 items. /ul>
      So now, thanks to the close cooperation of the Telecommunication Systems Department and DP KOPOS ELEKTRO, you can purchase:
      • Electrical-conduit wiring from PVC
      • Boxes for weatherization of walls
      • Box devices for electrical-conduit
      • Electrical wiring boxes (instrument, distribution, universal)
      • Screw terminals, terminal strip, DIN rail
      • Trays electrotechnical metal, mesh, staircase type (cable ties)
      • Pipes corrugated, reinforced and smooth
      • Metal thin-walled pipes for wiring
      • Protective tubes for underground cable laying KOPOFLEX, KOPODUR, KOPOHALF
      • Screens for fast neutron and gamma-ray protection NEUTROSTOP