15 November 2018

“Bancomzvjazok” took part in the international exhibition Energy Efficiency 2018

    "Bancomzvjazok" took part in the international exhibition Energy Efficiency 2018
    From November 6 to 8, JSC "Bancomzvjazok" took part in the international exhibition "Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy - 2018 " which was held at the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv.
    SENSO heat pumps are the own development of "Bancomzvjazok" company. The geothermal heat pump itself removes heat from the soil and transfers it to the heating system at a higher level. Thus, unlike air heat pumps, their performance does not depend on the temperature outside the window, because under the ground, where energy is taken from, the temperature is always permanent.
    This allows you completely refuse heating with gas or solid fuels. The geothermal heat pumps on a turn-key basis are installed from 5 days and they heat an area from 60 m².
    And installation of solar panels on a turn-key basis caused the greatest interest among entrepreneurs, who are looking for a new business and way of earning. In addition to installing solar modules, specialists of JSC "Bancomzvjazok" help with connection to the "Green Tariff".
    Also, the company is an exclusive distributor of the German manufacturer AEG, it is guarantee quality and long service life (more than 25 years) has become another weighty argument. At the same time, at the exhibition there was discussed the establishment of a small solar power plant on an apartment building, which would allow residents of apartments to receive their own electricity and save on payments.
    Energy security and independence have been worrying for Ukrainians for a long time, and the desire to live in an environmentally friendly country makes it increasingly necessary to pay attention to green energy. That is why the future is heat pumps and solar power plants.
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