08 October 2018

Mobile Software and Hardware Complex for Border Control Automation

    In situations where it is necessary to carry out border control in remote, hard-to-reach regions or outside the checkpoint, the decision on its organization is a Mobile software and hardware complex for Border Control Automation.
    The mobile complex is irreplaceable also in cases of a significant increase of passenger traffic and the emergence of large queues at the checkpoint, in the event of humanitarian catastrophes, emergencies, assistance to homeless, etc.
    For border control organization without territorial tying, it was developed a mobile software and hardware complex by specialists of JSC Bancomzvjyazok, the benefits of which are:
  • full deployment in 20 minutes;
  • organization of 4 simultaneous passage control flows;
  • reading and verifying all types of documents;
  • support of continuous communication with the management center;
  • checking data against Stop Lists and databases using online services;
  • external video surveillance within a radius of 200 m;
  • offline mode operation 24/7.
    • Mobile Complex for Border Control Automation provides constant connection support with central server to receive current updates of operational databases and document events.
      Functions of Mobile Complex:
      automated check of data about people and vehicles crossing the state border against databases of:
  • personalities prohibited to enter Ukraine;
  • stolen ( lost, declared invalid) passport documents;
  • stolen vehicle;
  • persons against whom the instruction of authorized state bodies is executed;
  • periods of stay in Ukraine;
  • Interpol;
  • input of information (including biometric data) about individuals who crossed the state border into databases;
  • processing of information in a remote access mode;
  • full-time video surveillance of the territory and objects at checkpoints, video recording, motion detection at each video channel, cyclic video archiving and search;
  • automated data exchange with the central subsystem;
  • access granting to information stored in the software hardware border control complex “Gart-1/P” databases;
  • information protection during processing
    • Configuration:
  • server equipment (protected);
  • switching equipment (protected);
  • data communication system (satellite communication);
  • main and backup power supply system;
  • indoor and outdoor video surveillance system;
  • automated working station “ Inspector”;
  • a full set of office equipment
    • Optional extra equipment:
  • long-range radar reconnaissance system (up to 5 km);
  • thermal imaging detection systems (up to 2 km), etc.
    • Mobile Software and Hardware Complex for Border Control Automation provides rapid and convenient border control at the places of service, including outside the checkpoint.
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