21 January 2019

Our mobile terminal for passport and biometric control К.ВРТ800 is becoming more and more world-renowned

    The world-famous online media Find Biometrics and Biometric Update, dealing with biometric development evaluated the Ukrainian innovation – the portable terminal K.BPT800 for passport and biometric control, its own development by JSC Bancomzvjazok. K.ВРТ800 was designed for identification and control of persons crossing the checkpoints.
    Biometric Update:
    «"Ukraine’s border is long, with demanding terrain, and the country faces geopolitical challenges which demand strong border control. The border agency is required to quickly and accurately identify thousands of travelers each day at airports, river ports, seaports, highway border crossings, railway stations, and pedestrian crossing points. They must identify not only known terrorists and criminals but also frequent border crossings which could be suspicious."
    Using the Sherlock FAP 45 fingerprint scanner from the Integrated Biometrics is one of the features of the terminal K.ВРТ800. Due to the convenient location of the sensor, the border guard has the ability to take fingerprints without turning the tablet and it protects personal information from those who are in the queue.
    Using the biometric terminal K.BPT800 at the border has allowed:
  • to reduce the time of citizens' checks by 40%
  • to reduce the time of reading and processing information up to 5 seconds
  • to recognize passport documents automatically
  • to read and compare data of the machine-readable zone (MRZ), RFID chip, fingerprints, contactless cards, visual zone of the passport document
  • to check data via different databases
    • Thanks to the customization of the interface and modern fingerprint scanner, the mobile terminal K.ВРТ800 can be used in any sphere where it is necessary to identify a person quickly, for example, in banks, medical institutions, hotels, law enforcement agencies.
      So we expect to increase the demand for Ukrainian products in the field of biometric border control. And now we are continuing to work on improving K.BPT800 functional and are working for the safety of our country.
      BANCOMZVJAZOK - making life safer!