07 September 2013

Our experts Took Part in the Preparation of a Video Surveillance Market Review

The total penetration of digital technologies, which occurs in developed world markets, leaves no choice in the long term. And a video surveillance migrates to the IT sphere. This will allow moving to a completely different level of security and data analysis. Technologically, there are two key trends. Manufacturers of network cameras has suspended the “megapixel race” and concentrated on improving the sensitivity and technologies of a wide dynamic range. This seems quite logical. After all, even the camera, which has become quite normal, including for Ukrainian projects, in 1MP significantly exceeds the quality of video analog devices. The overwhelming majority of customers does not need more than 1-2 MP, and many Ukrainian customers successfully use HD cameras 720p (1280x720 at the refresh rate of up to 50-60 frames per second), the quality of which is quite sufficient for video monitoring of technological processes or moving objects. Another important trend is the transfer of video analytics functions from centralized servers directly to the camera. This was made possible by increasing the power (while reducing power consumption) of new processors, as well as improving image analysis algorithms. Complex and resource-intensive functions remain in the competence of computers, but the basic capabilities (detection, recognition, tracking of an object) are increasingly realized directly in cameras. This allows to reduce the load on both the network and servers. As a whole, video surveillance systems, due to the active development of technologies today, capture those areas in which they have never existed. Considering the relative simplicity of use and the large infrastructure of IP technologies, IP cameras appear in a variety of areas. Furthermore, the development of “cloud” services, including those related to processing and storing information, opens unprecedented opportunities. Any company, regardless of size, can organize for itself a backup “cloud” archive, use advanced video analysis tools, not to mention the possibility of monitoring the object via the Internet from a phone or tablet.   The full text of the article is available at the Networks and Business Magazine: http://www.sib.com.ua/arhiv_2013/2013_4/statia_1_1/statia_1_1_2013.htm