13 November 2017

The Need to Modernize Strategic Facilities for the Sake of Seismic Safety

    Within the framework of the 8th International Scientific and Practical Conference of Hydropower Engineering, which was held on November 7, 2017, in Kiev, the issue of safety of large hydraulic power systems of Ukraine located in the zone of seismic activity has been raised.
    The report on the topic: “Seismic Activity: the Need for Monitoring and Impact on the Hydraulic Engineering Structures of Ukraine” has been presented by Oleh Ruban, the specialist of Bancomzvjazok JSC.
    According to the current State Building Code DBN V.1.1-12:2014 (ДБН В.1.1-12:2014), it is compulsory to establish stations of an engineering seismic network at facilities over 73.5 m in height, as well as in strategic structures and high-risk buildings. All large Ukrainian HEPs and PSPPs have a buffer zone effect class, that is, seismic and seismic monitoring should be carried out on them. The seismic zoning map of Ukraine indicates that the following large hydraulic power systems are located in the seismic activity zone (7 points): Zaporizhia HEP, Kakhovka HEP, Oleksandrivka HEP, Tashlyk HEP, Dniester HEP-1 and HEP-2, Dnieper PSPP. All of them should be equipped with modernized stations of the engineering seismic network in accordance with paragraph 5.3.2 of DBN V.1.1-12:2014 (ДБН В.1.1-12:2014).
    In order to check the stability of facilities, it is necessary to regularly control the compliance of the design values of seismic activity with the actual values of the earth's surface vibrations and carry out the dynamic testing. In modern conditions it is important that only modern sensors and devices are used in the equipment. The choice of the manufacturer and the way to install the sensor is determined for each facility individually.
    The Bancomzvjazok Company offers services for the modernization of the engineering seismic service stations (ISS). Our system has been developed with the participation of leading experts on the seismic activity of the Lviv Polytechnic National University and has already successfully operated at Rivne NPP; therefore, it guarantees safety to millions of people and thousands of kilometers of surrounding territories.