14 December 2016

New ideas from the World Leader in Infrastructure Solutions

    On November 23, the Commscope, the first united partner conference in Ukraine, was held for the SCS installers of the AMP Netconnect and Systimax trademarks.
    Wolfgang Rieger, Regional Director of the Commscope in Eastern Europe, has welcomed the guests and opened the conference. He has announced the success of the Systimax and AMP Netconnect merger in one product portfolio, making Commscope the world leader in infrastructure data transfer solutions. Mr. Wolfgang has shared his experience in implementing projects, and he also has spoken in details about the global trends in the information infrastructure: the mains supply technology—Remote Powering (the transition of AC power to DC, which is considered to be more efficient today) and zoning—Universal Connectivity Grid (the creation of useful area consolidation point for connection of various devices, which is economically profitable and makes the network more flexible).
    Artem Yudenko, Head of the Commscope Representative Office in Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova has made an informative report (the office is located in Minsk). He has informed the participants about the procedure and rules for the certification of companies. All the details can be found on the Partner Portal (http://www.commscope.com/Partners/partnerpro-Network/).
    The results of the conference have been summed up by Hans-Yurhen Nithammer, a Commscope expert on the architecture of data centers from the German department of the Company. In his presentation, it was emphasized that it is very important to monitor new technologies and new standards for building data centers for the development prospects of data centers.
    After the speeches, the conference has been held in the form of a discussion, where participants had the opportunity to ask interesting questions and receive thorough answers.
    As ever, the conference was a meeting of old friends, friendly communication of colleagues in work and business.
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