17 December 2019

New mobile terminal K.BPT 1000

    JSC Bancomzvjazok implements new project solutions based on modern technologies. The latest development is the improved mobile terminal K. BPT 1000. This model is designed for fast and efficient automatic reading and documents validation for proper personal identification at the state border control.
    The new mobile terminal K.BPT 1000, unlike previous versions, is possible in several configurations. K. BPT 1000 scans MRZ and RFID chips and additionally can be installed contact reader. The diagonal of the screen varies from 8, 10 to 12 inches. The fingerprint scanner can be designed for 1, 2 or 4 fingers. New K.BPT 1000 can be connected to the Bluetooth keyboard and/or POS-terminal to make a payment.
    Time to processing the information – 5 seconds. Thanks to the use of terminal K. BPT 1000 passport and biometric control at any checkpoint takes no more than 20 seconds.
    Mobile terminal K. BPT 1000 is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof. The degree of protection of the case is IP67, the degree of protection of the finger scanner is IP65.
    Characteristics of the terminal: Intel processor, 8/10/12 inch screen, RAM DDR3L – 4 Gb, SSD – 128 Gb, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth BT4.0, GPS, USB, Windows 10, power supply – 6300mAh.
    The new mobile terminal can be varied for the request and applied in border control, financial institutions, police, and hotels etc.
    This terminal will automate the process of human identification, both for commercial and government institutions, and make it more comfortable.
    JSC Bancomzvjazok – making life safer!