22 January 2019

Bridge collapse in Brussels. What is the situation with bridges in Ukraine?

    In the capital of Belgium on Thursday, January 17, an accident occurred on the bridge over the Willebroek Canal. Because of this, the water connection of Brussels with other cities was blocked until Saturday. Fortunately, during the accident, nobody died.
    There were also similar situations in Ukraine. It is worth remembering only the Shuliavskyi Bridge, the part of which collapsed in winter  2017.
    At one time, Deputy Minister of the Ministry for Regional Development, Building and Housing of Ukraine Lev Partskhaladze said that all bridges should be equipped with sensors of the remote control.
      "Bridge constructions are engineering structures of high significance. The influence of external factors on them is large, which leads to the gradual runout of structural elements and can cause its premature destruction. The consequences can be terrible, it's worth remembering only the recent tragedy in Genoa – loss of life, significant financial recovery costs. Monitoring of the state of structures is obligatory precisely to prevent such accidents", - wrote the Deputy Minister.
      Benefits of our integrated bridge monitoring solutions:
    • Integrated solutions. We offer complete solutions using fiber-optic, wired and wireless data transfer technologies, using sensors with different interfaces and operating principles, necessary for controlling physical quantities characterizing the condition of bridges.
    • Optimized security and support. Monitoring systems provide reliable data on the constructive condition of the bridge.
    • Extending the lifetime of aging bridges. Development of databases that show the status of bridges under different conditions and with different loads during exploitation, providing their further analysis in order to evaluate the current state of the structure and determine the need of repairs, major repairs or dismantling.
    • Immediate evaluation of bridges safety after a major event. Bridges condition determination after earthquakes, impacts, storms or explosions.
      An automatic bridges condition monitoring system of "Bancomzvjazok " looks like:
      So, in order to avoid collapse of bridges they should all have:
      1. Stationary inclinometer
      2. Stationary uniaxial jointmeter
      3. Local data concentrator
      4. Head of the inclinometer
      5. Controller of the inclinometer
      6. Guideline inclinometer tube
      7. Stationary inclinometer sensors
      8. Stationary strainmeter
      9. Stationary two-axial or triaxial jointmeter
      • All this forms an automatic bridges condition monitoring system of the remote control.After installing these sensors, we will be able to respond to problems even before they occur. And it will save a lot of lives and money.
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