25 January 2019

Security alarm system for perimeter of great length

    Modern challenges and threats dictate the obligatory implementation of modern automated systems of physical protection for critical infrastructure objects safety critical infrastructure objects are strategically important for the national security. That is why they are causing attention among intruders whose purpose is to carry out terrorist activities, commit acts of sabotage, theft or property damage, espionage.
    The prevention of unauthorized access for objects with a perimeter of great length becomes a challenge, because it is too difficult to provide effective protection of the perimeter solely by physical forces. In order to ensure qualitative monitoring and the perimeter of the facility and prompt response to threats, it is expedient to implement a integrated security system, the benefits of which are:
    • monitoring of the perimeter up to 100 km;
    • detection and localization of the intrusion up to 20 m;
    • visual observation of the perimeter and adjacent area of ​​the object;
    • 24/7 all-weather operation;
    • minimizing the influence of the human factor.
    Integrated security system consists of the following subsystems:
    -          Security alarm system;
    -          Video surveillance;
    -          Access control and control systems.
    Let’s get a view of  the first subsystem - security alarm system, which can include the following components:
    -          Sensors of different types, which are installed along the perimeter;
    -          Perimeter intrusion detection system based on a sensor cable;
    -          Central control room.
    Sensors can be divided into 2 groups:
    1)        those that perform a preventive function and serve to fix an approach to the protected perimeter. Depending on the tasks radar detectors with different detection distance (up to 50m, up to 100m, up to 300 or more meters) are used.
    2)        and those that capture the fact or attempt to cross the perimeter. The most commonly used passive infrared sensors are  Blind and microwave (radio-frequency) sensors.
    For installation of sensors it is obligatory to choose structures resistant to vibrations. This is necessary in order to avoid false alarms. The height of the installation is important, as a rule, it is not less than 2-3 meters.
    The perimeter intrusion  detection system based on the sensor cable determines the location of the perimeter disturbance up to tens meters, reacting to vibration and acoustic signals from the intruders (movement vibration , sound of the working internal combustion engine, instrument's use vibration). The basis of the system is a sensor optical-fiber cable, which is mounted on the fence. The feature of the perimeter intrusion  detection system of Bancomzvjazok company is the use of American technology from Fibersonics. It is divided into 2 types depending on the length of the perimeter: Long Ranger ™ has the ability to detect up to 50 km, Short Ranger ™ - up to 20 km. It is expedient to use this system on perimeter with length from 2 000 m.
    It is worth adding that the security-alarm system works efficiently in conjunction with the system of intellectual video surveillance. This system performs functions as video capture and identification of intrusions and, at the same time, represents an additional boundary protection.
    All data from sensors and surveillance cameras are transmitted to the Central control roomand an alarm message appears on the operator's monitor, accompanied by an acoustic signal. The operator processes the message and, if it necessary, manages the surveillance cameras. All actions of the operator associated with the appearance and operation of the alarm message are stored in the system with a link to the date and time for a long time on the servers. Access to the servers has a limited number of officials, which are usually only system administrators.
    Intrusion prevention system for objects with  a perimeter of great length not only prevents the intruders from realizing their plan, but also excludes errors due to the human factor.
    Integrated Security Systems Department of JSC "Bancomzvjazok" offers a full range of services for the implementation of security and alarm systems and security systems in general: from object inspection and technical solution development to project implementation and technical support. The specialists of our company will offer the optimal solution for your object, using our own experience and quality equipment from world leaders.
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