09 September 2014

Transfer of the Portable Software and Hardware Complex for the Automation of Border Control to Border Guards

On September 9, the representatives of Bancomzvjazok JSC have transferred the portable software and hardware complex to the Border Service of Ukraine. The event took place in the territory of the Main Communication, Automation, and Information Security Center of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. The portable software and hardware complex for the automation of border control “Gart-1/P” is designed to provide automated processing of information regarding border control and passing persons and vehicles across the state border of Ukraine. Information about persons and vehicles that cross the state border of Ukraine (including fixing their biometric data), centralized audio and video monitoring of border control zones and checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine, processing and exchange of information between databases and the central subsystem, protection of information when processing it are inspected and entered into databases based on this complex.   The software and hardware complex “Gart-1/P” based on “Gazel” vehicles is designed to strengthen border control and speed up the process of registration at stationary checkpoints and outside of them, at checkpoints not equipped with “Gart-1/P” or the failure of existing facilities, as well as during a significant increase in passenger flow and vehicular traffic across the state border. The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has started cooperation with Bancomzvjazok JSC in 1995, when the first “Gart-1/P” complexes were launched and deployed. At the moment, 250 checkpoints are equipped with “Gart-1/P” complexes, which operate around the clock in a single information space of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.   Since 2008, Bancomzvjazok JSC has carried out a number of works on the modernization of software and hardware support and expansion of the functional capabilities of the SHC ABC “Gart-1/P”, new design solutions based on modern information technologies have been implemented to provide processing of information on human biometric data. The company has created the “e-Gate” automatic face identification subsystem that reduces the time for checking individuals, their passport documents, increases the throughput and reliability of the data entered by means of terminals for automatically reading the details of passport documents from electronic cards and automatic identification terminals for persons with support contactless RFID-chips and biometric control elements. The latest development is the portable computer terminal K.VRT500M (К.ВРТ500М), which can be used by personnel of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine to register persons and vehicles at border crossing points when the use of stationary automated workplaces is impossible, for example, in train wagons, in air and international seagoing vessels.