10 August 2018

Mobile surveillance complex – autonomous station with effective surveillance area of up to 12 kilometers!

Mobile surveillance complex is destined for automatic identification of people and equipement with the purpose of ensuring the protection of remote territory or  realization of intelligence. The complex provides effective visual surveillance within a radius up to 12 km amid difficult weather conditions 24 hours per day, 7 days per week; has the ability for data transfer to the distant monitoring centers and for autonomous work for a long time. An off-road vehicle or a van can be used as a chassis of the mobile surveillance complex.

For visual surveillance the сomplex is equipped with a multisensory optical system consisting of: a thermal camera, a digital color camera and a laser ranger.   It is possible  to install additionally the radar equipment. In the complex  two work places for operators were  envisaged.  In appropriate cases, the complex can be equipped with a portable workplace by means of a secure laptop or tablet PC.


  1. Multisensory optical system: a thermal camera, a digital color camera, a laser ranger.
  2. Automatic lifting mechanism.
  3. Global Positioning System Receiver (GPS) + electronic compass.
  4. Сamera server.
  5. The fixed automated workplace of the operator: a rugged PC with  special software, two visual display units, a keyboard, a joystick, a telecommunications terminal.
  6. Portable automate workplace for the operator:a rugged PC or Tablet PC with  special software, a telecommunications terminal.
  7. Wireless Transmission System: equipment for access satellite, broadband networks equipment.
  8. System of  self contained power supply: petrol generator, rechargeable batteries.
  9. Air conditioning and heating system of the vehicle interior.

The team of our experts is working selflessly to ensure security right where it is needed.

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