03 October 2018

Representatives of Bancomzvjazok JSC attended the conference devoted to public identification systems, which was held on September 18-20 in Chantilly, France.

    Representatives of Bancomzvjazok JSC attended the conference devoted to public identification systems, which was held on September 18-20 in Chantilly, France.
    The purpose of this annual event is a creation of a platform for knowledge and experience exchange in the implementation of public identification projects, innovations in the biometric technologies sphere among experts from around the world.
    Tarasenko Nataliia Deputy Director of Bancomzvjazok JSC presented in the framework of the conference the presentation on the topic: "The role of the biometric fixation system in the national security of Ukraine", which refers to the biometric project developed and implemented by Bancomzvjazok in 2017.
    • The premise for the project was the general strategy of Ukraine's оdevelopment in the framework of European integration and liberalization of the visa-free regime, as well as an Order for the necessity of strengthening control while crossing the border for citizens from migration risk countries accepted on July 10, 2017 by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.
      Taking into account the tight deadlines and importance of the project, the team of Bancomzvjazok JSC with 20 years experience in the sphere of automated passport control, implemented the project in a record-breaking short term - 3 months.
      Within the framework of the project implementation by the specialists from Border Control Systems Department of Bancomzvjazok JSC it was arranged 170 checkpoints of different types, more than 1500 workplaces were equipped with fingerprints scanners and special software.
      For inspector workplace it was developed the ability to scan 5 fingerprints of the right hand at each crossing of passengers from migration risk countries and foreigners’ documents and fingerprints check, in particular through Interpol database. Checking time was reduced up to 40%.
      The biometric data fixation system of foreigners and stateless persons has been working since January 1 at the Ukrainian border checkpoints. Such verification is mandatory for 70 countries that are at risk.
      As of mid of September the biometric data processing system contains more than 500,000 records of citizens from migration risk countries. Since the beginning of the year, the border guards have stopped use of more than 4,000 "problem" documents. Most of them were invalid, or did not belong to the persons who crossed the border using these documents.
      Moreover within the framework of the event our specialists discussed the prospects and possibilities of implementing projects in Ukraine such as LFIS (Live Face Identification System), Criminal AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System - a system for the recording and verification of biometric data of offenders, which can be used by the bodies that are part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine), as well as options for implementing the control system ABC E-gates (Automated Border Control) at the airports of Ukraine for the purpose of automation and acceleration of passport control. At the moment, such system works in the test mode at Boryspil airport.
      The specialists of Bancomzvjazok JSC feel the pulse of all innovations in the sphere of biometric and passport control and ready to propose and implement any complexity solution.
      Our projects are our contribution to the security of the country and its every citizen.
      Bancomzvjazok - making life safer!