24 April 2019

Stream gauge software and equipment of own production

    Often in the news you can hear that in the West of Ukraine one or another region floods every spring, or the river is overflowed. How is this controlled and warned? It is done with the help of stream gauge.
    Technological monitoring systems Department has deployed a network of hydrological and hydrometeorological station (you can see it on the website http://buvr.bkc.com.ua/map). Now 42 hydrological stations are installed in Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions.
    Stations, in real-time, show the water level of the Prut, Siret and Dniester river basins: it increases or decreases, whether it has reached any critical or dangerous level.
    Since the rivers of these basins flow not only in Ukraine, the data from our hydrometeorological stations are also used in Moldova and Romania. This data makes it possible to react to future floods much faster.
    How is this controlled? In real-time data from automated hydrological stations are fed to the site, using software that monitors sensors. Further, the site can be viewed by ordinary users and professionals. Specialists can go to their own profile and get to expand the indicators from the stream gauge.
    The hydrometeorological station is composed of:
    Precipitation recorder - which is designed to measure the amount and intensity of precipitation. It consists of three parts:
    o The precipitation gauge PG-1/12
    o GSM module RAIN DataLogger
    The step of measuring precipitation - 0.2 mm, 0.1 mm or 0.5 mm
    Measurement accuracy ± 0,5% of the measurement step
    Water level recorder - level sensor, development that determines the level of liquid in closed or open water bodies, lakes and rivers. And then it transmits all these data to the server. It consists of two parts:
    o Universal level sensor ULS-1/485
    o GSM module BKC GSM logger
    Сable duct - hydrometric installation, which determines the flow velocity in the rivers with the help of a hydrometric winding.
    1. Water flow rate measurement range 0.025 m/s – 12 m/s
    2. Estimated rotor capacity of the drum is 160 m
    3. Overall dimensions of the winch (L / W / H) 1125/1000/610 mm
    In general, such a system of hydrological stations helps to monitor the state of our rivers, especially in mountainous areas, as efficiently and effectively as possible, and respond as quickly as possible to the changes.
    JSC "Bancomzvjazok" – making life safer!