08 April 2014

Reconstruction of the Measuring and Test Equipment (MTE) for the Maina Hydraulic Power System

Bancomzvjazok’s specialists have performed the analysis of the initial data and developed the design documentation for automation of the measuring and test equipment of the Maina Hydraulic Power System (Russia) as part of a joint project with Lenhydroproject, JSC—“The Integrated Reconstruction of the Maina Hydraulic Power System” in the shortest time. Our project includes key issues on MTE automation of earth dams and concrete structures. The customer of the project—Lenhydroproject, JSC—is one of the largest design and survey institutes in Russia, occupies one of the leading positions in the field of design of hydroelectric and water management facilities and performs a full range of design and author supervision services for the construction of hydraulic structures in areas with particularly complex geological-climatic conditions.   The Maina Hydraulic Power System, located in the south of the Republic of Khakassia, in the head of the Yenisei River, was built at the end of the last century. The Sayano-Shushenskaya Dam and Maina Hydraulic Power System is a single hydropower complex. Its main purpose is to smooth fluctuations in the river level in tail water, create satisfactory conditions for water users, and generate additional electricity. The Maina Hydraulic Power System includes the right bank, channel, and left-bank earth dams, a HEP building with three hydraulic units with rotary-bladed turbines, and a concrete spillway dam with five spans of 25m each. The installed capacity of the Maina HEP is 321 thousand kW; the annual power generation is 1.7 billion kWh.   The designed measuring and test equipment takes into account a wide range of factors affecting the reliability and safety of the Maina HEP facilities. In order to automate and increase the promptness of the collection of readings, the measuring devices existing at the station will be equipped with automatic sensors. According to the project, the hydraulic levels will be equipped with a geodetic micrometer altimeter in order to control the vertical movement of reinforced concrete blocks of structures, piezometers on earth structures—with pressure sensors to control the depression curve. It is planned to equip the head of the water structures with pressure sensors and a string of thermometers to measure the water level and control the filtration horizons through concrete structures. Multiplexers and local data concentrators installed will perform interrogations of collateral equipment, automation sensors and further transfer of measurements to the central processing unit.   In addition, Bancomzvjazok JSC was faced with the task of designing the head of a piezometer located under the roadway along the dam crest. The difficulty was that this device should be used in an unusual and uncharacteristic area. The company's specialists have developed and proposed a unique design of the head of a piezometer that will allow taking large point loads without damaging it. For each site, the type of the cable routes laying and the location of secondary equipment have been considered.