28 January 2020

System of verification of preliminary information

    In our crazy rhythm of life airport staff and border guards need to control passenger traffic quickly and efficiently. To fulfill this task they need to identify properly each person undergoing check-in and passport control at the airport.
    As part of the eleventh meeting of the Project Steering Committee of the «Support to Migration and Asylum Management in Ukraine» (IMMIS) project, JSC Bancomzvjazok presented a software product - «System of verification of preliminary information», abbreviated as SVPI.
    Oleksandr Hryanka, the Director of the Border Control Systems Department, told about main advantages of using the SVPI to representatives of EU, International Organization for Migration, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, State Migration Service, State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.
    «System of verification of preliminary information», which was developed by the company of Bancomzvjazok, is the solution for complete automating of exchange and processing processes.
    How it works:
    • Preliminary information from air carriers is transmitted by existing SITA channels to Boryspil International Airport.
    • Further, in automatic mode, this information is transmitted to the gateway server of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, using a secure connection.
    • Then, the data received goes to the central subsystem "Gart-1", directly to the STI, where, in turn, all the necessary procedures for verification of information are performed.
    This automated process allows the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine officers to work at once with the data obtained. Moreover, he or she online can obtain the results of comparison of the passport that was presented with the document provided by the person at the time of registration.
    Thus, SVPI is a fully automated tool for obtaining information about a person and previous checking them with all necessary operational databases, in order to identify and respond to potential threats to enhance the overall security of our State.
    Time and safety are the things that will never be too much!
    JSC Bancomzvjazok – making life safer!