12 February 2019


    The perimeter video surveillance system is one of the most important components of a complex automated security system of a high-security facility.
    Items, the perimeter video surveillance system assigned to solve:
    • detection of unauthorized attempts to penetrate fences and gates;
    • visual verification of an alarming event from the alarm system;
    • control of the situation before and during the response team arrival to the place of the violation;
    • providing access to all necessary users in accordance with the rights granted;
    • event log and video archives keeping;
    • statistics and reports output;
    • human factor influence minimization.
    The video surveillance system can operate independently of other object’s security subsystems, providing visual control over the perimeter 24\7. But the most effective video surveillance system works in integration with the Security alarm system.
    The principle of the system`s operation:
    • The security alarm system based on a sensor cable or various types of sensors determines the location of the perimeter violation on a nominal blocking sector.
    • When an alarm signal appears, the controlled video surveillance camera, responsible for the relevant operating zone, is positioned in the programmed position.
    • On the monitor of the operator`s control panel, a system alarm message is displayed, accompanied by an audio signal. The map (facility plan) displays the location of the violation and streams the video from the relevant camera.
    • The operator treats the alarm message. If necessary, the operator can intercept the camera control and follow the violation subject.
    • All operator actions associated with the appearance and operation of the alarm message, as well as video archives, are stored in the system with an anchor to the date and time. Data from the archive can be viewed or copied during time, according to the designed archive depth.
    The video surveillance system can operate independently of other object’s security subsystems, providing visual control over the perimeter
    If the software modules of video analytics are used, the functional of the video surveillance system can be expanded:
    functional of the video surveillance system
    Thus, the perimeter video surveillance system not only performs the video capture but it is also the additional protective barrier.
    When designing and implementing a video surveillance system, high-resolution cameras are often used to clearly identify people's faces and vehicle’s numbers at a rather long distance.
    Also, the necessary options for cameras, that are used to protect the perimeter, are low power consumption, backlight compensation, multiple modes of electronic shutter, and built-in infrared light.
    In order to increase the system efficiency, both stationary and managed CCTV cameras are implemented simultaneously. Stationary cameras with fixed lens provide the system operator with a fixed image from the corresponding perimeter block area.
    Кольорове зображення при денному освітленні системою відеоспостереження
    Color picture in day light
    Чорно-біле зображення в сутінках системою відеоспостереження
    Black and white picture in the evening
    Чорно-біле зображення з лазерною інфрачервоною підсвіткою вночі з систем відеоспостереження
    Black and white picture with IR light at night
    Controlled cameras allow to expand the field of view significantly, to monitor the large areas of the protected object, to follow the targets (violators) automatically or in manual mode. It is especially effective to use the controlled cameras with laser or IR illumination, which allows you to abandon the perimeter security lighting.
    Resolution - 1920 x 1080 pixels
    Frame frequency - 30 fps
    Lens - 4.7 - 94 mm, 20-fold optical zoom
    Minimum level of illumination - 0.01 Lux
    Horizontal viewing angle - 0°~360°
    Vertical viewing angle - 90°~+90°
    Interface - 1 x 10 Base-T/100Base-TX, RJ 45
    Operating temperature range -25C - +55C
    IP Code - IP66
    Power supply - AC24V±5%, 220VAC~24VAC, ≤60W
    Distance detection in daytime - 600 m
    Distance detection at night with laser infrared lighting - 300 m
    Modern threats and challenges dictate to the Customers the use of the latest technical means in the objects’ protection. Such devices should include thermal imaging cameras for video surveillance, the cost of which has recently dropped and become more massive in use.
    They are divided into stationary and controlled. The multisensor optical system is especially effective on the large-area objects, it provides surveillance within a radius up to 12 km. It combines visual and thermal cameras on a single controlled platform. In addition, there is the possibility to install the laser infrared spotlight and a laser rangefinder, which will measure the distance to the object of observation.
    Detector type - 4th gen. of uncooled focal plane IR detector, VOx
    Resolution - 640 x 512 pixels
    Frame frequency - 25 Hz
    Spyctral range - 8-14 μm
    Thermal sensitivity - up to 50 mK
    Lens - 30 – 150 mm, 5-fold optical zoom
    Detector type - 1/ 2.8 "Progressive Scan CMOS
    Resolution - 1920 x 1080 pixels
    Lens - 4.5 - 135 mm, 30-fold optical zoom
    Horizontal viewing angle - 0°~360°
    Vertical viewing angle - 45°~+45°
    Interface - 1 x 10Base-T/100Base-TX, RJ45
    Operating temperature range - 25°С~+55°С
    IPR - IP66
    Electric power supply - DC30VВ±1%, 220VAC~30VDC, Ој60W
    Multisensor optical systems are installed at the highest point of the object (building or tower) to provide the most effective visual inspection.
    It is a matter for professionals to choose and design the video surveillance system, necessary especially for your purposes. Specialists of the Integrated Security Systems Department will help you to find the exact type of perimeter video surveillance that will meet your requirements. We will not only provide the necessary equipment, teach the skills of work, but we provide constant technical support and regular maintenance of the system, as well.
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