17 August 2018

System software “е-InspectorPro” is a modern and reliable software product that automates all border control procedures.

Прикордонний контроль
Border control
    is state control realized by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and includes a range of actions and a system of measures aimed at establishing of legal grounds for crossing the state border by persons, vehicles and moving goods across borders.
    For today in the context of the the joint forces operation in the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, strengthening of protection of the state border through the implementation of modern "intelligent" software and hardware systems and complexes in the operational and official activities of the bodies and divisions of the State Border Guard Service allows to perform effectively the tasks, imposed on it.
    The main component of such software and hardware complexes, which is used in the daily operational activities of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, is software and hardware complexes of Automated Border Control "Gart-1/P", designed and implemented by JSC “BANCOMZJAZOK” in far 1995.
    By their technical characteristics, the complexes "Gart-1/P" meet the modern standards of IT systems in the field of data processing from passport documents, incl. biometric (fingerprints and face photos), which are implemented according to international standards ICAO Doc 9303, e-Gate type control systems, video surveillance systems for secure area and the reading of vehicle license plates.
The "intellectual" core of such complexes are systems software "e-InspectorPro" with functions of biometric control, also developed by the company JSC “BANCOMZJAZOK”.
    System software "e-InspectorPro" is used as part of the "Shift Supervisor" workstation (AWS "Shift Supervisor"), "Inspector-S" workstation based on the "Condor" document reader with built-in computer, "Inspector-K" workstation on the basis of the "VRT800" terminal, which is also own development of JSC “BANCOMZJAZOK”.
System software "e-InspectorPro" cuurently allows:
  • • read using the passport reader (or enter manually) and display the information from the pages of passport documents on which there is the machine readable zone (MRZ) and to which a contactless electronic mediun with text and biometric information is implanted, manufactured in accordance with international standards ICAO Doc 9303) format ID1, ID2, ID3 of ISO 7810 standard with built-in contactless and contact identification ICs of ISO 14443 and ISO 7816 standards, scan fingerprints with thr use of a special scanner, store the processed information in the database "Information about persons who crossed the state border of Ukraine", other databases that are created in accordance with the law;
  • automatically detect the type of passport document with the determination of its nationality according to the date of machine readable zone or embedded chip;
  • • automatically verify the authenticity of the document using UV radiation, by IR features, by cross-checking verification of text data received from the MRZ, the visual zone (VIZ), the RFID chip, by checking the MRZ checksums, and the correctness of filling the MRZ according to the document “ePassport Conformity Testing (v 1.0 04.04.2008)” and by visualization of embedded hidden images (IPI);
  • convert the fingerprint image to a digital model (template) according to the requirements of international standards ANSI and ISO for fingerprint templates, to support picture formats WSQ, PNG or JPEG;
  • capture static biometric data by scanning fingerprints using a special fingerprint scanner (applying finger / fingers to the scanner without their "scrolling") with a high degree of reliability and accuracy;
  • provide access to databases with the help of built-in communication equipement in the remotely;
  • verify automatically the information about persons and vehicles crossing the state border of Ukraine in the operational databases, in particular:

- persons who, according to the law, are not permitted to enter Ukraine or temporarily restricted the right to leave Ukraine, including in accordance with instructions of authorized state bodies;

- persons hiding from the bodies of inquiry, investigation and court, evading criminal penalties, including by comparing the available digitized fingerprints and / or a photo of a person's face,

- stolen (lost, declared invalid) passport documents for the right to travel abroad, stolen vehicles;

- Interpol;

- information on foreigners and stateless persons who exceeded the period of stay in Ukraine;

- other databases, created and used according with to Ukrainian legislation.

And also: display the information about the results of the verification of the information entered and ensure the protection of information when processing it.

Complexes "Gart-1 / P" are located in all checkpoints (more than 230) and checkpoints of entry / exit in the zone of the joint forces operation and on the administrative border with the ARC. Every day, round the clock, at any time of the year, more than 100,000 citizens of Ukraine and foreigners who undergo border control procedures are registered with the help of them.


Complexes "Gart-1 / P" with the use of system software "e-InspectorPro" are constantly being improved, modernized in accordance with the present-day needs and allow to conduct border crossing operations quickly, comfortably, effectively, with a high level of safety of the control functions.

System software "e-InspectorPro" is a unique software because it meets many complex regulatory requirements of law-making bodies in Ukrainian realities. Another technical difficulty is the presence of many disparate databases, in which a simultaneous verification of the identity and the vehicle should take place. With system software "e-InspectorPro" the test is automatic and lasts up to 10 seconds..

System software "e-InspectorPro" is a flexible software solution that allows to be integrated into functional tasks in other areas of public activity, primarily in the field of combating crime and illegal migration.

Implemented new information technologies lead border management to a qualitatively new level!

(C) Yuri Strizhak, expert on technical control of the Department of Border Control Systems

Special software products developed by our specialists allow to promptly conduct a lot of simultaneous security checks of persons and vehicles. Each such verification is our contribution to the security component of the country and each of its citizens.

JSC “BANCOMZJAZOK” - making life safer!