31 January 2019

Software system “Titan” and equipment of own production

    A lot of large cities were founded on the banks of the river. Earlier the berths were built on the rivers, so that the ship with the goods could easily come along the river, now dams are being built for the power plant to supply electricity. That is why hydraulic engineering structures are strategically important objects and it is important not to allow them to be destroyed.
    It is difficult to imagine how many victims could be in case of the destruction of one dam: the destroyed city, destroyed infrastructure, death of people.
    In order to prevent the destruction, and react in proper time to changes in the conditions of the structures, in some countries already it is started to use the automatic control system of hydraulic structures "Titan", it is the self-design solution of JSC “Bancomzvjazok” specialists. For example, in Kazakhstan “Titan” controls the Irtysh cascade. With the help of various sensors and devices the control system “Titan” can automatically determine the state of the buildings, their changes and the impact of the environment. Therefore, if the dam has something to be threaten by, thanks to “Titan”, it is possible to notice that it in time, and to avoid the problem.
    In Ukraine, the automatic control system of hydrotechnical structures "Titan" is installed on the Dnipro and Dniester cascades. The system itself includes the equipment of both: the world manufacturers, and the own development of the Technological monitoring systems Department, among these are:
Local Data Hub BKC Locon RS/FO - 01.008.03
    . It is manufactured on the basis of an industrial controller and it is equipped by means of converting analog signals into digital. As well as, non-volatile storage and resouces to transfer data to the server. One of the great advantages is that it is adapted to work with string type sensors of different manufacturers and years of release.
Multiplexer of measuring channels MUX 01.16.04
    . It is intended for connection 16 similar analog sensors to one measuring channel of data.
Three-axis jointmeter ДЩ-01
    It is used to measure relative displacements of concrete structures, control the dynamics of crack deformation in a brick or stone structures. Depending on controlled parameters, it can be used as single-, bia- and triaxial versions.
    These and other sensors help to prevent a hydrodynamic accident and save our lives.
    But all these sensors would not be able to help us without special software "Titan", that is developed by specialists of “Bancomzvjazok”. The software collects testimonials from all sensors and displays on the screen absolutely user-friendly information.
    Among the advantages of the software “Titan” we can distinguish:
  • ADAPTIVE Software can be used for various high-risk objects (HPP, HPS, NPP, bridges, tall buildings, tunnels, etc.).
  • UPSCALED The software can easily extend its structure when it is necessary to automate the measurement of additional parameters or to install new control points.
  • FLEXIBILITY Special approach to software development, quick response to customer requests.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONALITY The software performs all the necessary functions for ensuring the efficiency and integrity of the automated system, more precisely: collecting, processing, storing, visualizing and exporting data of measurements.
  • RELIABILITY Software products provide maximum protection of information and access to the functional. Each registered user has his or her own software account.
  • UNIFICATION Software is developed for a wide range of software systems, different application areas, various competency levels or project sizes.
  • EFFICIENCY The software products provide the maximum efficiency at the given conditions, according to the resources allocated for this.
  • AVAILABILITY The software has a user-friendly interface, that, in its turn, provides simple and available software management.
  • SAFETY The software reacts to deviations of measurement results from maximum permissible values, alerts you about non-conforming events, and sends relevant messages to users' email.
  • VISUALIZATION software provides information (measurement data) in tabular and graphical views using the color gamma and displaying the maximum permissible limits. Different types of visualization are created for different groups of sensors.
    In general, “Titan” software helps to visualize the processing results in the form of tables and charts with an anchor to the topographic map. And all this together helps to control the conditions of the hydroelectric power stations, dams and other hydrotechnical structures.
    JSC “Bancomzvjazok” - making life safer!